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You’ve Been Mathed!

Remember the days before the Internet? Days when bathroom stalls provided that mask of secrecy needed to insult each other in a public forum. Thankfully bathroom stalls didn’t go to the wayside after the ’90’s for multiple reasons. This might be my favorite insult and favorite mathematical proof of all time. See ya later “poopdick” and the proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem. We’ve had some good times.

Via Interesting Laugh via Digg

Have you found a particularly amazing bathroom message? Let’s see it!

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  1. AnnabaNaNa says:

    This warms my heart…. reminds me of when I was in Calc 1 in high school, and I solved an equation verbally. I pronounce my threes “tree” (the Jamaican in me >.<) and a guy in the class said " there are no trees in Calc…only logs."

  2. Matthew Burnside says:

    Dear Zerico,

    The math is perfect.
    Your math is bogus.

    He factored just fine.
    Also, you can prove 0x=0 and 0y=0, thus 0=0 all day long. That is not the proof. The proof is for x=y. But that is a contradiction under division by zero. BASIC ALGEBRAIC PROOF.

    AND ANOTHER THING, dropping like bases is NOT a property of exponents.

    Stop playing Bomberman on your TI-83 Plus, get a TI-89 like a real nerd, and pay attention in class.

  3. Zerico says:

    The math is wrong.
    In the top equation if NO=-1, then Study(o) = Fail(o) and 0=0.
    In the main equation the -NO is factored out incorrectly.

    If you want to get math nerdy though,
    Drop like bases and….


    And thus any number is equal to any other number.

  4. donkey tits mahoney says:

    all the bathroom stalls i use in nyc have “RETARD RIOT!” written all over them which makes me laugh and accidentally exhale too hard when i’m trying to inhale cocaine for the purpose of recreational highness. stupid rioting retards and their stupid exclamations.

  5. why can’t the bathroom stalls i go to say that?

  6. Matthew Burnside says:

    In my book, checking for division by zero trumps spelling boring, old words correctly.

    New invention idea: Stalls with spellcheck.

  7. rich says:

    Speaking of spelling…it’s comforting to see that even the math whiz ain’t no good at everything. “devide”? PFFFT!

  8. Deltus says:

    The math is sound. The logic disproving the equation wins.

  9. Amerah says:

    Once I saw a conversation on a bathroom wall that said something along the following:

    1: “(So and so) is a BITCH!”
    2: “Shut up! She is my friend!”
    3: U need anger management!
    4: Learn to spell!