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Your Virtual Jonah Ray

Remember how on last week’s Hostful Nerdist Podcast, the guys talked about making a Jonah Ray sound board that could replace the real Jonah when he’s absent from the show? Of course you do; it was the title of the show. “Sound Board.” Right there.

And someone’s gone and done it. Created a Jonah Ray sound board, that is. @AlexLemoine crafted it out of stuff Jonah’s said on the podcast, and you can use it to make prank calls (NOTE: Nerdist Industries, its affiliates and staff do not endorse prank calling and are not responsible for any prank calling, including but not limited to prank calls using the Jonah Ray sound board to, say, talk radio shows or telemarketing concerns or your annoying friends who are just ASKING for it) or just for sitting around pretending you have a tall comedian in a plaid shirt in your living room. Although there aren’t enough Matt insults.

Go play with it by clicking here. It’s like the real thing, almost.

HT: Jonah Ray himself. Or someone using his sound board to sound like him.

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  1. Taylor says:

    I’m sorry, at least one of them needs to call Matt a piece a shit.

  2. ian says:

    Love the Frogs.

  3. laughterkey says:

    The only thing missing is “yeah yeah yeah yeah” – Jonah says it so frequently that over time Matt and Chris have begun to as well. At first it just made me think of The Sandlot, but over the course of 2-ish years I have realized that I am now incapable of just saying “yeah”. It’s *always* “yeah yeah yeah yeah”. Other than that, though – fucking phenomenal.

  4. Alex Lemoine says:

    Would ya look at that, I made it onto the Nerdist site everybody. I guess I officially win now.

  5. willis says:

    “Deeestroooyy” fucking awesome board

  6. Chris says:

    Can anyone figure out what the most used phrase is gonna be? I’m takin’ all bets starting NOW!

  7. John G. says:

    I can’t stop frog catching.

  8. sybarite says:

    the world is a funner place with the Jonah soundboard in it.

  9. Johnny Q Public says:

    SWEEEEEET. Now the Nerdist podcast is interactive! I am sitting here with the soundboard up adding my own Jonah Ray comments to the Nerdist podcast. Double the Jonah double the fun!!!!!

    I may have to go over to The Indoor Kids or It Got Weird and throw some Jonah Ray into those as well.

  10. antiavenger says:

    This is totally getting used on the next Hostful isn’t it?

    Note: Effin’ Awesomeeeee!

  11. Stuart Kearns says:

    I love people with mad skills and too much time on their hands!

  12. Marie says:

    While I like it, it’s usefulness is limited outside of discussions of frog catching in the marsh.

    Luckily I live in the south so, obviously, we do that all the time.

  13. There totally needs to be a Matt Sound Board and a Chris Sound Board. I wish I would have grabbed Chris saying “herp derp.” He said it during one of the live AOS online question thing back in…maybe October/November. Epic.

    There needs to be more hours in the day for me to play with audio!!! Ug.

    LOVE the Jonah Sound Board!!!!! <3 My favorite is the freestylin.

  14. Aj says:

    All it needs is a “Jesus CHRIST, Matt” & “What a piece of shit” to be perfect.

  15. Sarah says:


    This just made my effing day.

  16. OnmyojiOmn says:

    Release it on vinyl.


  17. lisa says:

    This is kind of amazing.