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Your Own Nerdist Bake-Off

Two of my favorite things in this word are humor and food. Arguably, life cannot be lived without both. Even more I love when food has a sense of humor or whimsy to it. My own wedding had an Alice in Wonderland motif (yes, you can punch me in the face for writing “motif”) and I wanted a Cheshire Cat cake. I’m not kidding. This was it below:


I thought I would share some other fun foods that incorporate some nerdy movies, shows and comics. Surprisingly, Williams-Sonoma has gotten way cooler than I ever would’ve imagined and they are selling cookie cutters inspired by Marvel comic book characters:


And it’s only $20.

Williams Sonoma also is responsible for this Star Wars cupcake stencil set:


And of course, I couldn’t write a Nerdist-inspired food post without including a nod to Dr. Who. Check out this Dr. Who TARDIS Apron handmade by Darla of Bakingdom’s blog.


Even if baking isn’t your thing, maybe these fun tools will inspire you. I think I would’ve been a lot more into cooking as a kid if I could make something that looked like He-Man.





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  1. F_A says:

    I’d love a Doctor Who apron. Baking is definitely my thing, but sewing isn’t.

    You may like these Dalek Cupcakes.

  2. Angela Rudy says:

    I am so excited to see this post! A bunch of my Sugar Sisters in the cookie decorating world just did a collaborative project about Playing with your Food, including all sorts of old school games. You have to see the Miss Pac-Man set by Flour-de-Lis!

  3. diemrbond says:

    For my 30th birthday, my wife made me a cake with an AMAZING Mr T stencil on the top, which said “I pity the fool!”, along with a whole bunch of cookies from old TV shows – Trap Door being the main theme. Best birthday food ever.

  4. Megan from Lombard says:

    I have the Avenger cookie cutters and I love them. They also have an Avengers cake-let (mini cakes) pan that’s around the same price and it even has Thor! (the cookie cutters don’t, which made me sad)