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Your First Look At Colin Farrell in That “Total Recall” Remake

Here’s your first look at Colin Farrell in the Total Recall remake (reboot?), courtesy of Filmdrunk. This version of the film, via Len Wiseman, is due for August of next year.

Following his turn in Horrible Bosses, Farrell has four movies slated for the next two or so years. You thought the universe was ending as the Harry Potter franchise came to a close? No. This is probably a surer sign.

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  1. IronToker420 says:

    You cannot replace the Oak with fucking Colin Farrel(nothing against him as an actor but he cannot take Arnolds place as Douglas Quaid/ Hauser) that is almost as much of a disgrace as Jason Momoa replacing him as Conan.

    as both a nerd and a bodybuilder I am infuriated and will boycott both. Conan and Total Recall.

  2. LesserBeing says:

    Looks like colin farrell is going for king of remakes with this and fright night. although i fully support tri-boob, no ironside no dice

  3. eric says:

    Why would we want the remake? The original was so great–mostly because of Paul Verhoeven’s sharp sense of satire–the movie just would not be the same without that mordant postmodern irony, and without Ah-nold exclaiming “You got what you want; now give these people ay-ah!” in his trademark half-articulate manner.

  4. Bobby G says:

    To quote a friend of mine on FB, “what’s funny is I bet this will be audience-tested, PG-13, watered-down, forgettable garbage.” I AGREE!

  5. mattj says:

    I can even get my hands on images of two props. one just a basic clothing prop, and one some money they use in the movies….

  6. mattj says:

    @danny damore, I know for a FACT there is a 3 breasted woman in this remake. I have a friend that did some work on the film. And some of the ADs slipped some information to him, that she is back.

  7. PapaFrita says:

    Some things become better with age, you know?

  8. U.N. Owen says:

    This guy – STILL has a career?

    I thought he was just doing home-made pornos.

    Last century’s flavor-of-the-month.


  9. Nerdintino says:


    How will he pull off “GET YOUR ASS TO MARS!”

    if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  10. Zelim says:

    As much as I want to despise Colin Farrell, he has been doing a good job of making me forget to hate him when I see him in movies (“Horrible Bosses”, “In Bruges”, “Crazy Heart”)

  11. Nevidge says:

    Go on Colin ya good thing!

  12. Robin Burks says:

    Wait, that’s not from the new Total Recall remake. That’s from the airport security line!

  13. danny damore says:

    as long as it has a 3 boobs scene i’m on board

  14. Nick W says:

    Colin Farrell has redeemed himself as a actor since he did “In Bruges” so I cant wait to see what he does with “Total Recall”. also Cant wait to see a three boobed alien again.

  15. If it doesn’t have Michael Ironsides in it I want no part of this film, there I said it…