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You On The Nerdist Podcast. It Can Happen

Bid!You want to be on the Nerdist podcast.

You want to be in close proximity to Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, and Matt Mira.

You want to help support the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

Well, then, this might just be your lucky day.

Comedy Death-Ray is holding its Ninth Annual Xmas Nativity Pageant, and one of the items being auctioned off for charity is the opportunity to be on the Nerdist podcast with Chris, Jonah, and Matt. How can you pass up this opportunity?

A few things to mention: You’ll have to make your way to L.A. for the recording, and scheduling will depend on everyone’s availability. But, come on, you want this, and the Food Bank needs your help, so everybody wins. As of late Thursday, the bidding was at $250, so check under the sofa cushions and get your bids in now.

The auction’s online at eBay; click here or search for item number 130461233871 to get in on the bidding, which closes on December 12th at 10:45:48 pm PST. You’ll be helping the Food Bank help people in need, which will be a good thing to remind yourself when you’re in the room with these guys.

Go, bid already. And good luck!

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  1. Angelo says:

    Where to start? There so much, …so much…SO MU-U-U-CH!!! Okay removing my hands from the being eaenngltd in my hair…here we go….How you were even able to read “co-worker” on that cake was beyond me. I tried over and over to read it before going to the cheat sheet. And I love the recycled card for Dave…no wait..STEVE!As for the Chris’s sister cake. Poor kids not only had to share a cake but most likely had to have the misfortune of having shamrocks on it year, after year …..after YEAR. ( Stop that stuff Moms out there. Let the holiday be the holiday and the birthday be the birthday)As for the Oma cake….Tooo tooo tooooo funnn-eeee!!! Did you also catch the misspelling of “wonderfull”?

  2. Wesley Marshall says:

    Damn, being 19, living at home, going to college, and not yet having a job. If had the money, I’d donate and bid to be on the show. But at least I get to see you live on the 15th!

  3. Brian Earl says:

    Chuck… the reason this podcast is “Amazing” is because the style of conversation brings out the most interesting aspects of any and every person. Don’t ever believe you’re not someone worth listening to, and if you can bid to win I hope you do. You did hit an important point on donating regardless as well.

    I hope the holidays gift you with a more positive self-esteem, because if you’re lead to this community and felt like you should post… you’re someone who can feel very good about the fact that most people are not as responsible for their feelings as you are. Cheer up fellow nerdling.

  4. Chuck says:

    I will just donate. I am not fascinating enough to be interviewed for a full hour.

  5. Brian Earl says:

    The thing I enjoy the most about this is that there’s no control over the person who wins… I hope that this is as successful as when Benson did it last year. I’m not sure what the equivalent of Larry Zerner would be… but if Steve Jobs had a heart (and I can only imagine it being streamlined and wonderful, probably with 4G and the Verizon network (clearly the reason he holds out on everyone else being so Lucky)) he would give us and the food bank the treat of his comedy stylings on the Podcast. Also it would be interesting to see if Chris could stop himself from cumming in this awesome presence.

  6. Amrehlu says:

    Money, it is always money, the one thing I never have. One day, damnit, one day.

  7. Patrick Rose says:

    But… I live in England!