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Episode 96: You Made It Weird
Zach Galifianakis

You Made It Weird #96: Zach Galifianakis

It’s our one year anniversary, weirdos, and Zach Galifianakis is our wonderful and hilarious guest! Hooray! Thank you so much for a delightful and amazing year, weirdos!! Please enjoy this extra special ep of YMIW by doing something weird while you listen. Pete’s recommendation: wear a hat made of cold cuts. GET INTO IT, WEIRDOS!!

Artwork by Jenny FIne

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  1. Patrick Virgie says:

    Old Petey

  2. Ashley Joleen says:

    Hey Pete! This was a great show! I, like many others, listen to these podcasts at work and really enjoyed you telling Zach that the people who listen to podcasts are working… Yes! These shows make my work day fly by much quicker. Zach is amazing. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing the weirdness and always being so open. Thank you and keep up the great work! =)

  3. Patty Marvel says:

    FYI, the office ain’t the only place we Weirdos get our fix. I’ve listening to this and other old episodes at the gym and WOW are the long ones good for keeping my butt on the bike. Thanks for helping me burn 537.2 calories today!

  4. Walking Civil War says:

    Pete, PLEASE consider coming to Melbourne in March for the International Comedy Festival. Kumail came this year, and while I loved his show I’d be absolutely stoked to see your show. I’m sure there are many Australian Weirdos who would love to see you here.

  5. Paige says:

    Young Urban Pedophile= A Fine Young Cannibals cover band? Yes? No?

  6. Steve says:

    Or, perhaps he was referring to Gore Vidal’s famous wager.

  7. Pascal says:

    Pete, it’s Pascal, the French mathematician and philosopher, who hypothesized the wager. My namesake! Couldn’t let that one go, not crispy.

    Vidal is a character in a French movie, My Night at Maud’s who takes the position of Pascal’s Wager.

  8. Jessica says:

    Wedding photographers listen while they edit 🙂

  9. Seth says:

    Loved this episode, it was great. Gotta back up the guy who said it’s called Pascal’s Wager, no idea who Vidal is. Gore Vidal??

    Also, for some reason, I loved the crows crowing near the end.

  10. Josh says:

    Yo Pete! Congratulations on one full year! I used to comment here all the time but don’t anymore as I’ve moved and switched jobs so I just don’t have the time now, but I still find time to multi-task and listen and, Pete, you’re awesome dude! You’re special was awesome! This podcast just keeps getting awesomer! You deserve all your success thus far and all the success coming! (And the eventual downfall. And the newfound success in your later years! jk)

    Parenthetical swipe aside, point is, you’re awesome! Keep on keeping it crispy! You crack the shit outta me, that’s for sure!

  11. Kixcoy says:

    First time listening, this was really funny! Pete has a good relationship with Zach it seems that this flows so well. PS Pete, you have such a loud and funny laugh!

  12. Ali says:

    Pete, I kinda like your podcast, but I hate you.

  13. Patrick says:

    Pete, love the podcast. Let’s be weird together more.

  14. Emily says:

    Pete. PETE! This podcast is among my favorite things. Congrats on the one year and keep ’em comin’ you ol’ sonofabitch. Excited to see you live in Boston next month.

  15. laurabandypants says:

    Pete Holmes, you elevate my quality of life. In a sort of pseudo-hippie move, I left my TV behind when I moved to the deep south, & listening to your podcast on computer = my entertainment. Huzzah! Love it.

    Please please consider a stand-up gig in New Orleans… So many weirdos in NOLA, I know a Pete Holmes show would pack the house!

  16. Kass says:

    Yay, 1 year!

    Each time Zach walked off mic, I was half hoping there’d be a lean over moment to Katie where Pete revealed that it was way out of left field, but someone moderately random like Delaney just revealed too much and is the secret Debbie Downer of YMIW. Only half.

    Here’s to more free podcasts. I really, really liked listening to Zach talk in a mellow setting.

  17. Entozoon says:

    Am I crazy or was there a hard edit near the end of the interview when Pete asked about Zach’s wife?

  18. ChrisP says:

    I’ve been called Chrispy since I was in 5th grade and it started with a friend calling me Chrispy Wheats & Raisins – made me so happy to hear ZackG say that!

  19. Brendan L says:

    From one tall Gosling lover to another, congrats on an exceptional year of podcasting. Every show was truly a delight! If you come to AZ again, I might make you sign The Notebook this time instead.

  20. Melissa says:

    Congrats on the one year mark! This is the first podcast I started listening to a handful of months ago and it makes me so happy every time I listen to it. I can not wait to go to the live recording in SF!

  21. Arielle says:

    Being an art school student, I spend most of my time alone in a studio with a pencil in one hand and a beer in the other. This podcast keeps me sane, as well as shoot beer out of my nose from laughing so hard. Thanks Pete and all your awesome guests!

  22. mitchell b says:

    hey pete did you and kumail end up getting high after you did your big set?

  23. Kurt says:

    Love the show, but it’s called pascal’s wager

  24. Eric C says:

    One whole year already? That’s a nice little chunk o’ chaaaaange!

    The universe of podcasts keeps growing and maturing, and Pete buddy, yours is still my favorite.

    I was also lucky enough to attend your special taping in Austin this week. Folks: look forward to it. Get excited. It’s going to be amazing!

  25. renegadejane says:

    That is the most laid back and normal I have ever heard Zach, and I love it! Awesome episode!

  26. jsl says:

    I first listened to YMIW after hearing Pete on an episode of Doug Loves Movies, last year. Since then, it has become one of a handful of podcasts that I look forward to each week. Congrats, and thanks for the laughs!

  27. dana says:

    awesome art, jenny fine…!

  28. jimjim says:

    hey Pete, congrats on the one year anniversary. Your podcast has quickly moved to be a favorite of mine. keep it up buddy!

  29. chris says:

    Fantastic episode. Thanks, Pete.

    I really like hearing distant Katie laughter in the last two episodes. Not sure if that was intentional but I like it.

  30. Lisa says:

    Congratulations on a whole year, Pete!! That’s really exciting! Also congrats on all your recent successes, with the hour special, the talk show pilot, all of that. Couldn’t have happened to a better person! Lovely episode as usual here, too!

  31. katie says:

    Best Show Ever.