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Episode 94: You Made It Weird
Joselyn Hughes

You Made It Weird #94: Joselyn Hughes

Joselyn Hughes is one of Pete’s oldest comedy friends from Chicago. She is a great standup, improviser, and writer from Tosh.0 and she brings the funny, the weird, and some internet clips that make us laugh harder than we’ve ever laughed. Also, we write two Brian Regan bits and a Seinfeld bit! GET INTO IT, WEIRDOS!

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Weird Al Joined Weezer on Stage to Play Toto's

Weird Al Joined Weezer on Stage to Play Toto's "Africa"

Who Is the Better Avatar: Aang or Korra?

Who Is the Better Avatar: Aang or Korra?

Todd McFarlane Tweaks Tom Hardy's Venom

Todd McFarlane Tweaks Tom Hardy's Venom



  1. DUDE says:

    Pete is kind of annoying with the improv on this podcast. sounds like it was bothering Joselyn

  2. Alec says:

    I love how hoarse Joselyn gets from imitating that braying Beyoncé fan. That’s commitment.

  3. Ben says:

    It sounds like this might have been Katie’s favorite guest.

  4. Alex says:

    thanks for acid ring, pete!

  5. VonRiesling says:

    The very end made me fall out of my chair!

  6. Emily says:

    I’m listening to the part about house hunters right now and Joselyn is totally right. My sister and her husband were a couple on the show a few years back and they had already bought their condo before the show contacted them. The two other places featured on the show were places they had looked at, but weren’t interested in.

  7. Tom Steele says:

    Joselyn doing her impersonation of Tom Morello’s guitar is the best thing to ever happen on this show.

  8. devin says:

    Just wanted to tell ya taht i’m a fan an d i loved ep 93 with Kumail. I can understand why he’s one of your favorite people and you one of his. You guys are hilarious together. I wish i could go and support you in Austin but I’ll buy the comedy special when or if it’s available. GOOD LUCK with your big night.

  9. Nate says:

    Hey Pete, wanna be friends?

  10. Mark says:

    The Beyonce video clip made me shoot beer straight into my sinuses. I hope you’re happy.

  11. Tom says:

    I will never, EVER forgive this episode for ruining House Hunters for me.

    I thought the spoiler thing was going to be a bit…. 🙁

  12. mitchell b says:

    every time i see a new YMIW uploaded i get a little less flaccid

  13. Lisa says:

    PETE – Please upload a video of yourself doing that ridiculous stoner laugh. Couldn’t stop laughing just listening to it. I WANT TO SEE.

  14. jsl says:

    If I ever have to prove in a court of law why this podcast is the best, exhibit A will be those grapefruit riffs

  15. Melissa says:

    i keep repeating the beyonce and mila kunis portion of this episode, FREE PODCAST! I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING!

  16. Just Me says:

    Pete seems awfully scatterbrained today

  17. Matt says:

    And I’m glad I’m not the only one that looks at people’s wedding fingers because of Sherlock. Sherlock’s Wedding Fingers… another improv group name. Bam! Yo welcome!

  18. Matt says:

    Just letting you know up top before I even listen to this, I’m a huge fan of your fundraisers in the sponsor section. Also of your comedy.