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Episode 90: You Made It Weird
Noah Garfinkel

You Made It Weird #90: Noah Garfinkel

Noah Garfinkel (comedian! writer! Totally J/K with Joe Mande!) is hilarious. And thoughtful. And weird. So: perfect. A great episode with a true weirdo (and a weirdo! like, he listens to the show!) that Pete enjoyed so much and hopes you do, too! HOORAY, WEIRDOS!

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  1. bastien says:

    @Chris Huh, I’ve never heard that one. I’ve always heard it was indeed about Budd Dwyer. That is to say, when I heard it was about anyone, it was about him. Of course, to me it will always just be the song from the opening sequence of Tales From the Crypt’s Demon Knight.

    I’m glad to say I’ve never seen the video, or any videos like that. Heck, I’ve only ever even seen goatse once. I’m an internet survivalist.

  2. Nic says:

    Pete doesn’t like Wes Anderson? I’m so heartbroken.

  3. Alec says:

    How is babby formed?

    How Shaq get clip show?

  4. bastien says:

    Pete, you seemed to not know about Budd Dwyer, but then you said you’d just listen to the song “Hey Man Nice Shot”. So are you aware that the song *is* about Budd Dwyer?

    • @bastien: Aw man! I was one of the schmucks who always thought it was about Kurt Cobain. I saw the Dwyer footage when I was in college. Instantly regretted it. [shudder]

  5. Mark says:

    Babby routh!

  6. Kevin Craven says:

    This has to be my 2nd favorite episode (after Gary Gulman)!

  7. jsl says:

    “bell tower.”

  8. Melissa says:

    shiny dick!!!! hahahahahahah!!

  9. tzvi says:

    Not an Atheist my self, but the reason to point out fallacies in religion is because religion holds sway in the minds of adherents to religion which affects political discourse and can lead to oppressive outcomes which people may not ordinarily consent to if they doubted their own beliefs more. It being “offensive to truth” has the same line of problems that any dogmatic proposal has.

    Great episode, liked being introduced to Noah and will search out more of his stuff.

  10. Mark says:

    Mr. Hands! There’s a documentary, “Zoo”, about the guy who got fucked to death by the horse. It’s nuts.

  11. Joe says:

    hahaha, clothes hangars going to the Chrysler building had me dying of laughter.