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Episode 82: You Made It Weird
Taylor Williamson

You Made It Weird #82: Taylor Williamson

One of Pete’s favorite comedians, Taylor Williamson (Last Comic Standing, Ferguson, comedy!), is a delightful YMIW guest: funny, thoughtful and super weird. Hear Pete tell Taylor what to call his upcoming CD! Hear Taylor tell jokes he cut from the CD! Hear Katie laugh!! It’s a big one. GET INTO IT, YOU WEIRDOS!
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  1. Susan Lucci says:

    Wenis is definitely elbow skin, Pete.

  2. Anna says:

    I usually love “You Made It Weird,” but this one went on so long and got so tedious that I felt sorry for Katie. It was like listening to a really long, bad date.

    Love the other episodes though!

  3. Nick says:

    Personally, I think “Hey Everybody” is a great title for a comedy album, but if you are going to go with the other one it should be “Laughter? I Hardly KNEW Her” (capitalization for emphasis only). Tenses, align!

  4. Joe Molony says:

    the last 5 minutes made me really uncomfortable

  5. Liz212 says:

    Pete, I love you, but sweet bearded Jesus, have a woman on the show again. All the testosterone-fueled rhapsodizing is making my brain hurt.

  6. Billy says:

    We find out later “EmGee” was Pete’s secret identity he used to trash his guests behind their backs.

  7. jimjim says:

    haha, babies lick their mothers nipples?

  8. JSL says:

    Holy shit, Katie. This was the funniest one-on-one episode of the show ever. I wish more guests were this “on” and ready to go riff for riff with Pete.

  9. EmGee says:

    Bad episode. I think this guy should rethink his career because his comedy instincts seem lacking. A lot of mumbling, stuttering, nervous laughter and incoherent trains of thought.

  10. judy says:

    peter, apparently every comedian you talk to is your favorite. you really are a dad.