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Episode 4: You Made It Weird
Dave Coulier
You Made It WeirdYou Made It Weird

You Made It Weird #4: BONUS Episode With Dave Coulier!

BONUS EPISODE! What’s weirder than a long talk with Dave Coulier? Like, for real, anything? Pete and Dave talk about getting-then-losing SNL, what Dave “pulled down” for Full House, Muppet Babies, sex, and God. Somehow it was both deep AND filled with the occasional fart noise. Weird.

Watch Dave in his new web-series Can’t Get Arrested!


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  1. Adam S says:

    Did anyone else out there pause the show and watch “Can’t Get Arrested” as soon as Dave Coulier mentioned it and then resumed the podcast?

  2. Mike Valdes says:

    I haven’t disliked one episode of this podcast. I absolutely love it. Also, being a die hard Full House nerdist, it was awesome to hear Dave Coulier’s story. Thanks for being so awesome Nerdist Industries.

  3. Jesse Roberts says:

    Just to clarify that its a juice harp not a “Jew’s” harp. I love the podcast. One of the best I’ve listened to!

  4. ArtChemist says:

    I learned a lot about Dave. Awesome interview!

  5. Mandy W. says:

    Loving this show. This episode is a great start to my friday. Watched Full House as a kid and now, Dave Coulier talking about having two penises, yeah that’s weird.

  6. Dennis M. Brown says:

    At first, i thought your logo looked like an anus shooting a laser beam… upon reflection, i think it might better be called an e-shart.

  7. Luanne says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for an “Out of Control” mention. CUT. IT. OUT.

  8. Can’t wait to listen to this episode. Been loving the show so far. Thanks!

  9. B.J. says:

    Greatest day to say FIRSTIES!!!!!