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You Made It Weird #241: Russell Peters
Episode 241: You Made It Weird
Russell Peters

You Made It Weird #241: Russell Peters

Russell Peters (world famous comedian!) makes it weird!

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  1. Alex VS says:

    Pete, you REALLY have to read Sam Harris’ new book, “Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion.” Super up your alley and addresses the metaphysical from a rational place, explores the benefits of meditation, and the non-dangerous ideas of certain Eastern belief structures.

  2. Gala says:

    I’m surprised that people aren’t more negative about this interview.  I thought he was a huge douchebag.  Made me extremely uncomfortable when he talked about his ex-wife, like he has no respect for women as individuals.  And talk about a bragger.  Gross.

  3. Ian Boothby says:

    We got into an argument on this week about illegal downloading and uploading and how it hurts artists. The thing about Russell’s special being put on You Tube was this was back when TV networks thought it was competition and they kept taking it down. Then more people would put it back up. They’d get threatened and it’d be taken down again. But the uploaders kept doing it and his work got seen around the world.  So piracy in this case made someone the third most successful stand up in the world.  

  4. Michaela says:

    There have been a few guests I’ve been indifferent about, but this is the first guest I have actively disliked – so much so that my respect for Pete is diminished.  I will be taking a brief hiatus from this podcast 🙁

  5. Michaela says:

    There have been a few guests that I’ve been indifferent about, but this is the first guest I have actively disliked – so much so that my  respect for Pete is diminished.  I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from this podcast 🙁

  6. Jeffrey says:

    EXCELLENT ep, Pete + Russell! I currently work the overnight shift on a printing press! FUCK did that depress me when I heard Russell talking about how dead-end and brutal that crap is…then I thought, “Well, Russell made it out of the shitty printing biz using nothing but his talent and wits, so maybe I can too?”…anywho, love yous guys. <3 Jeffrey

  7. Arabrabbra says:

    Hmm in reading the comments I see I am in for an interesting one. Russell always rubbed me the wrong way on the various podcasts I have heard him on. It will be good to hear him long-form. However, as a comedy fan, I know comedians can speak very frank and insultingly about certain subjects. Ari Shaffir was one who always rubbed me wrong, however after listening to his podcasts and his storyteller show I see he is a great guy who was just “being funny” about certain things. IDk, comedy and comedians are totally subjective

    • ty one says:

      Yeah, cause comedians just tell you stuff straight from their brain with little censoring or political correctness(its there job) which is bound to rub people the wrong way. They HAVE to be THEMSELVES, the pure form. And that is polarizing.

  8. John says:

    What a fucking dick.

  9. shealyndj says:

    For the ppl who didnt care for Russell’s “attitude” towards women, must not’ve heard any of his work before, but should also check out his ep of Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler. He shares a really intimate moment between him and a woman that I think will def change your opinion of him for the better.

  10. Mike says:

    Episode is great, you’re both great, and only commenting to share that I live like a mile and a half from Joey’s comedy club in Livonia, Michigan. The only two accessible mics I’ve done terrible amateur comedy at is Joey’s and some place in the back of a pool bar. Watching people do poorly at Joey’s is worse than at the other place. Mostly because the other place is in the back of a pool bar. 
    It just genuinely tickled me to hear about Russell’s experience there, because that’s where I’ve had the majority of live comedy experiences in my life. I’ve seen a lot of people eat shit there, so my podcast-mind-theater-visualization of a younger Russell Peters not getting invited back was really vivid and nuanced. 
    I don’t know how generous you’re feelin Russy P., but if you could hook a fellow man-whose-done-underwhelmingly-at-Joey’s up with just like a single daughter’s castle slide bed it would be greatly appreciated. It could really do a lot for me. 

  11. kelly says:

    he wasn’t the absolute worst guest but his pompousness did make this one hard to listen to. also wasn’t all that funny and, as others have mentioned, is gross about women.

  12. Britteny says:

    Booo! Russell is a huge dick! Didn’t even know the name of the podcast and was disrespectful towards women. Not fun to listen to.

  13. lala says:

    I wanted to be a fan, but the way Russell spoke about women was so depressing & dehumanizing (“I had three different vaginas in one day!”) I just gave up. 

    • alinds says:

      Agreed, and same with the religion section. His non-exploratory attitude kind of bugged me (and maybe was less interesting to Pete?)

    • Blaine says:

      Completely agree.  He really send the message that women aren’t human, and only there for fucking.

  14. SorenLoren says:

    Russell: “Baby can you say ‘You Made It Weird’…”
    Baby: (adorably) “Nnoooo”

    Grab that soundbite and end every show with it! Aside from you saying “F*CK” in front of a toddler, that NO was the sweetest/weirdest part of the interview.

  15. Mikel says:

    Anyone else get an extra hour of silence at the end when downloading the file?

  16. MC Nailgun says:

    Yay pete is back!

  17. Sid (fellow Indian) says:

    “RUUSSSSELL!!!” (his dad’s impression). LOVED this ep. So glad you added some color and flavor to your already awesome podcast! Try to get Mindy Kaling next! 🙂 

  18. random listener says:

    #whoa cool man