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You Made It Weird #239: Dana Carvey
Episode 239: You Made It Weird
Dana Carvey

You Made It Weird #239: Dana Carvey

Dana Carvey (comedy legend!) makes it weird!

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  1. birkbott says:

    Pete. Please. For the love of god. Stop asking people about “the hardest time they’ve laughed.” The wording of that question implies that you want to know when they had a really hard time in life but were also laughing.  What you want to know is when they have “laughed the hardest.”
    Great show though! Dana was awesome!

  2. choy says:

    Can anyone find the art museum SNL sketch he was referencing??

  3. Mark says:

    Great great great episode!

  4. Jimmy Munz says:

    pete holmes REALLLLY needs to back away from the mic when he cackles. it’s getting unlistenable, volume-wise, in the ear buds. thanks.

  5. Andre says:

    Dana’s Lorne voice sounds like dr. evil. My guess is that him and mike meyers obviously joked about the boss together. Is it really obvious and I never noticed this connection? Does anyone know if Mike or Dana have noted whether or not the dr. evil voice was poking fun at their old boss for that character?

  6. Steve Guy says:

    Such a great episode! I’ve been discouraged by the recent string of FORB guests, but this was a great jump back to the classic YMIW format. Hope to hear more great interviews like this in 2015!

  7. Frank says:

    Dominant condescension…priceless.

  8. James says:

    OMG Petey! This was such a fantastic episode. One of my favorite things about YMIW is when bigger name entertainers and others who are uninitiated come on in the middle of a press junket and it slowly dawns on them that this not going to be another mindless interview with the same old boring Q&A. They tend to loosen up after a bit and I think they really come to appreciate the candor with which you speak about such a broad array of interesting topics as well as the easy, unstructured flow of the conversation. Clearly Dana took to you, enjoyed your company, enjoyed the ride and admires your talent. The rapport between you two was so fun to witness. For me, this is a top ten episode because Carvey is such a master and I really loved the way he warmed up to you, Petey. Lova ya, and love the show. Thanks so much for making it weird, Pete.

  9. EvRose says:

    I absolutely loved Dana on your show. You guys were amazing. Thanks so much!

  10. Dana’s Arnold impression regarding the origin of Hans and Franz had me spitting out my drink in my car —- just ridiculously great stuff. “A nice light shower … a nice light, white cotton shirt”

  11. Alicia Runs says:

    This was so good!  It’s one I’ll listen to more than once, that’s for sure.  The part about where we’ve already been dead?!  If I had a D, it would have been blown off!!  And Dana is a marathoner?  I love him even more now.  Good stuff Pete!!  This podcast is a weekly gift, thank you!  P.S. Please set a tour date in Minneapolis. 😀

  12. Frankmint says:

    Not what I expected but better than expected.
    Excellent episode.

  13. Awngees2Awngees says:

    This was the most McDonald’s poddy of 2014.  

  14. Arabrabbra says:

    Its totally weird I have a crush on Dana, right?

  15. josh says:

    –Day to you sir!!” See? So fun! Great ep, Pete! From the silly to the serious and back again, you two together are a delight! 

  16. Arabrabbra says:

    Waitwait…Dana on YMIW and Martin Short on Nerdist? Yes, PLEASE!

  17. Sarah says:

    So my main takeaway is that the impression for Lorne is the same as the impression for Dr. Evil.

  18. Nick says:

    Loved the podcast. Dana is such a cool guy! Loved his Lincoln bit. Totally speared current culture. I would say the one thought I have is, Is your meaning of life true just for you? Or is it possible for every human? And you can argue whether that’s a meaningful question, but I would say if your meaning of life is restricted by wealth, like “experience” or ” travel” it might be your meaning of life, but it isn’t THE meaning of life. 

  19. Lone Madrona says:

    YMIW Haiku…

    platinum podcast pearls
    donate button where are you

    wow how is this free

  20. josh says:

    That we of loop phrases for calming, comedic effect is something I’ve always done, but never really thought about. Just sitting in traffic, “Good day sir! Good– day sir!” The longer the pause between “good” and “day”, the more satisfying. ” Good–

  21. HereToStay says:

    Such a great episode! Your podcast has helped through this year! Thanks Pete!

  22. Dylan says:

    I enjoyed this episode.  As Mchu commented, some great insight from Dana.  I also enjoyed some of Pete’s ideas about how to observe reality differently.

  23. Mchu says:

    So pleasantly surprised at Dana’s insight and perspective.  This was a lovely episode – hilarious, deep, and real.

  24. lalabandypants says:

    Gah! Nerdist is KILLING IT this week with podcasts! Thank you, Pete & Dana Carvey, for this most delightful & riotously funny episode. I think I will listen again just for joy. 

  25. Dr. Peach says:

    Top gun pod!