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You Made It Weird #219: Bryan Callen
Episode 219: You Made It Weird
Bryan Callen

You Made It Weird #219: Bryan Callen

Bryan Callen (comedy! Ten Minute Podcast! MadTV!) makes it weird!

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Photo credit: Tyler Ross

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  1. mollie says:

    OMG listening to this brought me back to our backstage chats in 2000 in Sacramento. Good times, Callen and Busfield, warming’ up a dressing room. 

  2. john says:

    searching through old you made it wierds. IS this the one where he mentions a  cormac mcarthy novel he loves? or iss it the Bill Burr one?

  3. Pete laughed his way with his therapist to the top. controlling laugh

  4. Phil says:

    Great illogic around 1:00: “If someone comes with a supplement to sponsor our show, i need double-blind studies and mountains of evidence. Joe Rogan’s supplement? Oh–I know him, he takes it himself, and he wouldnt push anything he didn’t believe in.” Make any sense? 
    Do you think these other supplement companies don’t have just as much confidence as Joe Rogan in their own pseudoscience? 

  5. Ben says:

    Pete please stop referencing toxins in foods. You seem to know nothing about them. Read up on them and educate yourself.

  6. IanBost says:

    I enjoyed the conversation, as usual!

    I’m inspired to comment because at one point Bryan mentions the toxins that plants produce are bad for us, but I actually thought I read (heard on CD) in Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food” that plants’ defense mechanisms were good for us–they’re what we call antioxidants. Apparently even more so with wild greens (they have stronger defense and are even better for us).
    I’m certainly not an expert though–I just wanted to add that thought to the mix.
    Anyway, that’s my two cents. I have enjoyed the show since discovering via the Hodgman episode.

  7. danikasea says:

    Brendan Brazier of Vega fame swears by a vegan diet and is a champion triathlete
    Vegan is not for me but it can be done for professional athletes

  8. NotMF says:

    I’ve always known Bryan was hilarious, but I’m surprised by how insightful and real he is.

    Pete, you gotta get Joe on the show!

    • Russell says:

      Yeah, every time I listen to either podcast I always think… they should talk to each other. I’d like to see Pete over on his and then vice versa. Would be really cool.

  9. Jake says:

    WOW. Blown away by Brian. What a very intelligent person. 

  10. Josh says:

    Yay, great part of my week new YMW , Is 90mins becoming the new standard? I miss a good 3hr ep 🙂

  11. Josh says:

    This guy is a treat!

  12. Brendan says:

    I’ve always knew of Bryan and thought he was funny…never followed him though.  He has a great sense about him and the connection was easy and flowed naturally.  Great guest…selfish me wishes this was of the longer variety.

  13. Russell says:

    All sorts of awesome. Less Deepaks and more Bryans.