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Episode 208: You Made It Weird
Deanna Russo

You Made It Weird #208: Deanna Russo

Deanna Russo (Badman! The Pete Holmes Show! Being Human! Burning Love!) makes it weird!

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How THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE Sets Up a Possible Season 2

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Wayne Brady Sings “Thriller” Like a 1930s Jazz Song



  1. choy says:

    The idea that our higher-conscious spirits opt into this world to experience suffering really resonates with me… really the only way we can experience true happiness or appreciate the good things is to also experience the opposite. On that topic I also advise everyone to see The Tale of Princess Kaguya. Beautiful story that touches on that theme.

  2. Elliot says:

    Thanks Pete, that was the perfect amount of weird for me right now. I love the theory that it’s all a bit Eternal Sunshine

  3. seth says:

    so I really think that Pete should add the recipe of any food he speaks about in the tag under I listen at work and always think that sounds amazing but then don’t want to sift back through to find where he says whats in it

  4. Bruno says:

    Strange, but after the site’s new format, all podcasts keep cutting off about 7/8ths in. 
    KInd of hard to keep it crispy this way. =[

  5. josh says:

    “Hiking the Grand Canyon is one of the more dangerous things you can do.” For an actor. From New Jersey. Living in L.A. But I’ m just being mean and she’s great. So’s Pete.

  6. Dan says:

    I demand a resolution to this sexual tension.  
    Petey Pants. Don’t fuck this up. 

    • A says:

      If this podcast shows sexual tension, then sexual tension is not a thing that exists.

      • Ragtime Gallifrey says:

        If sexual tension is not a thing that exists then nobody would ever have sex.
        If nobody ever has sex then the population of humans on earth will decrease to unsustainable levels.
        If the population of the earth decreases to unsustainable levels then the human race will go extinct.
        Don’t let the human race go extinct.  Get rid of cable and upgrade to DirecTV.

      • My sexual tension meter read zero. Is it just me or did Pete seem to be just being polite rather than genuinely enjoying himself (Aside from the Miss Piggy impression: “Hiiiii-Ya!”, and the Mayor McCheese reference)?

  7. DeAna says:

    Hello. I’m a single mom that has struggled to feed my daughter, and I can say the struggle was a learning experience. It taught me how strong I am and how hard I’m willing to fight for something, and most importantly that the struggle is temporary. Great episode.

  8. Darin says:

    First time, long time… This episode was great! Can someone plz tell Mrs. Russo that acid is not that bad. Responsible dose with responsible people can make for a really great time! Crazy awesome ayahuasca story, this episode kinda makes me want to eat some shrooms right now…..

    • John says:

      Seriously. It’s impossible to simply predict what doing a drug is like when they all affect people differently. I feel more lucid on LSD than I do on mushrooms or even weed. I mean there is obviously much more going on with acid, but I can’t stand when people assume you’re just messed up and incapable of looking after yourself for 12 hours. 
      I hate to get negative, it’s just always been a pet peeve of mine. Great podcast, as always. 

    • Also DMT is the chemical in Ayahuasca. Psilocybin is in mushrooms. A freebased DMT trip does last about 15 minutes but “it’s that drug where you go live a whole life and then come back” is not at all typical of DMT experiences. If you eat DMT your body will just metabolize it, this is why Ayahuasca has two ingredients: the other is an MAO inhibitor to slow your body from metabolizing the drug so that it has time to work on you. It’s frustrating how little regard Pete seems to have for facts. He is super interested in psychedelics but seems incapable of retaining any new information about them, it’s like he WANTS to be irrationally afraid of and misinformed about LSD for instance. I mean he has access to Google right? Why has he seemingly never checked anyone’s facts about anything?

    • gabe says:

      LSD has some sever downsides. true for 99.9% of people its probably fine. but you have no way of knowing if you will be that .1% who has a psychotic break and never comes back. it happened to my buddy in high school he snapped beat up his mom and sister. went to jail then a mental hospital. and now hes just a drifter .. he was so smart .. such a waste. i the rest of our group all tripped too. we were just the lucky ones i guess.

  9. Mark says:

    Loved her in Burning Love! Still one of the most underrated comedy shows to come out in the last few years, IMHO.

  10. Gene says:

    I remember Deanna from the reboot of Knight Rider. Pretty sure I’m the only person who watched that show, but she was great on it.