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Episode 203: You Made It Weird
Justin Bua

You Made It Weird #203: Justin Bua

Justin Bua (award-winning artist!) makes it weird!

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  1. Daniel J says:

    Hahaha the best was how JB condoned Pete taking a bite of a girl’s chocochip cookie, but had Pete eaten the whole thing he would’ve been a MONSTER.

    Calling people pathetic that aim to be vegan but cheat every once in a while, or threatening to beat people up hardly reconciles with veganism you jerk.

    Side note on Wolfe Bag hahaha great nickname. I don’t think that the medical community’s lack of support for David Wolfe’s stuff makes Wolfe any more or less of a scam. If there’s no profit in it, medical community typically doesn’t support it. HOWEVER, Wolfe takes it to the next level with this ormus stuff, which seems like nonsense. So I steer away from him. That said, I personally thought the David Wolfe podcast was one of the most interesting ones ever- but can see how it irritated a bunch of people.

  2. Alec says:

    Tap water owns.

    Welp, cya.

  3. mark e says:

    I loved this episode! Don’t listen to the haters…

  4. mark e says:

    I loved this episode! Don’

  5. Brendan says:

    I love how @skizzle was the first commenter and just had to take issue with Pete. Lets just put this in perspective…if he is so disappointed in Pete why is he listening to a 2+ hours podcast the very first minute it is released? Free podcast people….free…free…free.

  6. Fando says:

    This guy is a grade A douche.

  7. Malonish says:

    Pete, I would like you to get Neil deGrasse Tyson on to talk about, well, anything! He’s a great podcast guest and a brilliant scientific mind. You like to get your mind blown but it’s usually by supernatural stuff. He will blow your mind with stuff that is actually real and provable through science. The world is so mind blowy that the supernatural stuff isn’t even needed.

  8. scooping_up_the_bits says:

    PETE, don’t know why all these people are all up on this guest. I really like his art and it was interesting to hear his views.

    Great show buddy.

  9. geraldmania says:

    The flexatarian bash turned me off. Lighten up. There are people that can’t talk about something great that turned their life around like their diet or their religion or their political party without being completely freaked out and threatened when met with the idea that moderation or any alternate approach could work for them.
    No reflection on the show. Its great literally every time. If anything, it reminds me how slippery a slope that all or nothing thinking is. And I’m capable of it too. good talk.

  10. Thunderbolts says:

    Pete: you’re great, but this guy was a huge bummer. He seemed like the anti-Pete Holmes: masked insecurity, staunch black & white viewpoints, defensive, aggressive. Maybe he’s a really great guy in real life, but the only tenuous thread linking the two of you on this recording seemed to be veganism. Love the show, but this guy is a huge bummer. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go board up my windows before some MMA fighters come to crack my skull in.

  11. Dylan says:

    I’m an atheist, I just don’t feel entitled to anything from a free podcast. There are atheist guests and guests of other beliefs. We all already know Pete’s position. Why is it up to him to represent us specifically? Because it’s what we believe? There’s also not a lot of representation of Hinduism or Islam. I don’t disagree that it would be nice to have a scientist or someone knowledgeable about Atheism as a guest soon, but I don’t get where the anger is coming from or the attitude like it’s owed to us.

  12. Gustav says:

    I don´t find it suprising at all that the majority of people complaning about certain things on this show are atheists. I mean it´s a show that pretty much always goes into religion, belifes and those kinds of things… And Pete have really smart, well spoken and all around good guys on that share his own views. But when it comes to the other side of the argument its always “Im sorry I don´t do a good enough job representing the atheists I know” or there is someone on who talks about advanced physics while sounding like he havn´t even seen a univeristy in his life.

    It doesn´t come down to that one side are naturally more inclined to complain, it´s just that when one side are unrepresented or represented by the wrong people, its going to be pointed out.

  13. interestinghuman says:

    Justin Bua is poopyhead. Yeah, I said it on the internet! No, I’m not trained at any martial art, and no I don’t like fighting; hell, my friends are equally wimpy or perhaps moreso. But allow me to repeat: Justin Bua is a poopyhead. What the fuck is he going to do about it*?

    *God, I hope the answer is nothing.

  14. Dylan says:

    What was the false information? It seemed like they took a common phrase and related it to their personal life. Pete’s spoken on how that sentiment isn’t true with atheists before, how they know they aren’t going to call out to God on their deathbed. I’ve never heard any other belief group complain about the show, and the ones that do aren’t usually very polite or reasonable about it.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Pete!

    I have to tell you how much I enjoyed hearing the brain of another type of artist…I think he needs to do some stand up. I also wanted you to know how much I enjoy your goofy authentic self…you bring it out in others and I find it so refreshing! Haven’t seen your tv show yet…we cut the cable cord…any chance it will be on Netflix or Hulu? I can’t get TBS streaming unless I have TBS…rargh.

  16. Adam says:

    @Dylan: The complaints above have nothing to do with atheism. This is about professionalism and dispersement of false information.

    I just needed to address the gall stone flush thing very quickly. The flush does not remove gall stones. What is seen in the toilet are little balls of oil…the stuff you ingested for the flush ( In addition, gall bladder removal is NOT the most common surgery. It’s not even on the list (

    I loved your talk with “Science” Mike a while back and I agree with the commentator above: I’d love to see a real scientist on the podcast. I’d volunteer, but I’m neither prominent enough or funny enough. There are plenty out there though. Perhaps just one person who can speak to facts?

    Other than that, loved the poetic discussion about life and art. Keep being amazing, Mr. Pete.

  17. Gustav says:

    I liked this podcast, dont agree with some of Justins veiws but he is interesting to listen to nonetheless. I also get that you (Pete) are intersested in weird semi-hippie new age type people, in lack of a better way to describe them. But it would be nice if you had someone on to actually represent the side of the atheistic scientifically knowledgeble people. You are constantly exusing that you dont represent them(us). Would like to hear people with actaul degrees, people actively working with research in some field talk. These people you have on that are interested in science and are more or less self proclaimed people of science is not at all the same thing, not even close :p

  18. Dylan says:

    I get why people are pissed about the David Wolfe thing. But I really think some atheists need to chill the fuck out in regards to this podcast. Pete usually does try to stick up for them. It’s not his job to advocate for them every time it comes up, especially since he’s not an atheist. It’s just his opinion, and he’s speaking for himself. Pete and Justin personally don’t think they could not pray out of fear in a near death situation, I’m pretty sure was what they meant. It’s okay for everyone to slander Christianity constantly, but if a single comment about Atheism comes off the wrong way, everyone shits their pants.

  19. Average Listener says:

    Pete, the quality of your guests has really taken a downward turn. This guy, Justin Bua, showed himself to be stupid, but that’s okay: You’ve had stupid people on before who were still interesting. He apparently has a marketable skill, so it might be interesting to hear about that.

    When he threatened to physically assault anyone who disagrees with him, and further threatened to have professional fighters assault anyone he was incapable of beating, however, he completely crossed the line.

    I certainly hope that his ex-wife has full custody, because I would hate to see his daughter end up in an abusive relationship just because that is how her father solves his conflicts.

    Moreover, it amazes me that you would think that this kind of psychopath would be worthy of having he views aired. Now that you have reduced the number of your podcasts down to one a week it was a real shame that you chose to waste this limited opportunity on such a vile human being.

    That you chose not to address his threats also reflects poorly on you. If he had said it once, it could have been laughed off as a joke, but he repeated it over and over, and it clearly was not said in jest. You should know better Mr. Holmes.

  20. Herman says:

    Ok. Pete, you are great, we love you. And before Bua got all aggro about veganism he was alright. Veganism is fine, I totally respect people’s dietary choices. But Bua went off the rails and really just sounded like a preachy dumbass. Especially when he got all weirdly aggro and starting talking about how he could kick people’s asses because he takes muay tai, or his MMA friends will kick people’s asses? Are you kidding me? Dude’s a fuckin joke. Nice piano player painting from 15+ years ago, though, bro.

  21. Arv says:

    I’m all for eating healthy, but any kind of “cleanse” is nonsense. Seriously, just google this stuff.

  22. Josh says:

    Hi Pete! Your show is the best.
    Please have a scientist on to disprove all of David Wolf’s bullshit. Both sides will have been represented and the worked-up comments will (maybe) calm down.

  23. Pedantobot says:

    My point had nothing to do with David Wolfe. I honestly don’t know enough about him to have an informed opinion. But there’s a huge difference between “not cherry coating your point” and coating your point with arsenic. A mere recitation of those facts, if they’re true, is damning enough. Beginning your point with a “fuck you” is immature at best. If the purpose of posting the comment is to make your point heard and the first words of your comment immediately show yourself to be a source of self-defeating hostility and immaturity who’s not worth listening to, then you’re just a toddler throwing a tantrum into an unsympathetic void.

    Your tone didn’t offend me. I was pointing out the pointlessness of your approach. Your attempt to emphasize your point by attacking the person you were speaking to negated your point. If you stab out the ear drums of your audience, don’t wonder at the fact that they can’t hear your underlying point. If the feelings of the people you’re speaking to mean nothing to you then they have no reason to listen to you.

    The term “there are no atheists in foxholes” is an old one and wasn’t invented by Pete. Pete is always the first one to say that his ideas aren’t always necessarily logically defensible, he just explores them, shares them and discusses them because it’s fun. To say it’s “dangerous” or “slanderous” is gasbag rhetoric worthy of a bible-thumping southern preacher.

    So if you’re wondering why some view atheists as a bunch obnoxious, inconsiderate, soap-boxers who are less tolerant of the ideas of others than the religious right just take a look in the mirror. You’re not helping your cause, you’re hurting it.

  24. skizzle says:

    @Pedantobot- I’m not sorry if my tone offended you, but let me see if this adjustment makes it better: if you are so vapid that you don’t see the difference between my mild use of profanity to emphasize a point and that fraudster’s spreading of lies for the sake of profit (to the detriment of the health, wealth, and intelligence of others), then I truly pity you. I stand by what I said and how I said it, because the feelings of fraudsters and those who willingly tolerate/promote them are of no concern to me.

    I just came back to add: double fuck you for continuing to slander atheists. There are “no atheists in foxholes”? Tell that to the Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers which includes several thousand members dedicated to ridding the military of Establishment Clause violations. I cannot believe the slanderous and dangerous turn this show has taken lately; while the New Age nonsense of older episodes was annoying because of how it misappropriates science, it was at least innocuous because it reflected the guest’s personal beliefs rather than an idea they were actively pushing on others for their own material gain.

    Shame on you, Pete.

  25. Braden says:

    Great episode, but “raw” water? That is a real thing?

    Turns out the lake I live on is made out of wet gold! I’ll be rich!

  26. Harisn says:

    @Pedantobot Just because skizzle didn’t cherry-coat his message doesn’t mean he’s the bad guy or that you shouldn’t take him seriously. Search “David Wolfe scam” on google. Try verifying any of the things he says on a scientific journal website like PubMed. New elements that aren’t on the periodic table? What does that even mean? I have a chemistry degree, and what he is saying is quite simply factually incorrect. He’s profiting off of other people’s ignorance, selling anti-aging products, sacred products, and pseudoscience. I’m not placing any value judgement on that, but that is what he’s doing.

    Justin Bua was great. Love the show, Pete!

  27. Pedantobot says:

    Yep, after reading your vitriolic, over-the-top, aggressive, over-reactive, alienating, one-sided, condescending post I’m fully convinced that David Wolfe is the vile one. Cool story, bro. Totally checks out.

  28. Alicia says:

    OH, and I had to pull over TWICE to put these quotes in the notes in my phone: “Art is the lie that makes us see the truth.” – Picasso and “Your art is more you than you are yourself” – Boom! JB.

  29. Alicia says:

    Great pod Pete! Thanks for having an artist on, it was especially fun to listen to. I’ve been struggling with the demon blank canvas myself, and have just started reading The War of Art, a book you’ve mentioned in a past podcast. It would be great if you could have more artists on. Thanks again for doing this wonderful podcast Petey Pants!

  30. skizzle says:

    Fuck you for speaking positively AGAIN about noted plagiarist and vile fraudster David Wolfe. By continuing to give him undeserved exposure, you are making the world a worse place. He should be mocked, scorned, and thrown away like Harold Camping and every other huckster that preys on the weak, desperate, and stupid.