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Episode 185: You Made It Weird
David Wolfe

You Made It Weird #185: David Wolfe

David Wolfe (Food Matters! Author! Raw foodie hippie man!) makes it wonderful and VERY weird!

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  1. Blake says:

    Host is annoying as fuck.

  2. Jason says:

    This is great, but what is really pulling me out of it is these ads you have that decide randomly that I need to hear them, without my consent, every 20 minutes or so during the podcast. Come on Nerdist, get your S together. But I love you all. down with ads, down with the machine!

  3. Mike B says:

    While David might have some controversial theories, I thought this interview was incredible fun!  There were so many laugh out loud moments – and a BSG reference – hell yes!  David is a seeker and a very smart and knowledgeable guy who catches a lot of flack because so much of that knowledge was learned outside of Academia – but to say he’s ignorant is like saying Steve Howe is a crappy guitar player because he is self taught and doesn’t read notation.  I’ve seen with my own eyes tumors crust up and fall off through the use of herbal preparations taken internally, so I definitely know that there is powerful medicine in nature. I was taught as a pharmacist that 30% of all prescription drugs are derived from nature, and the next generation of Alzheimer’s drugs is being created through a compound found in turmeric. My only real point of contention was on the subject of poly-amorous relationships.  I’ve been with the same woman since 2002 and I’ll tell you that there are levels of intimacy that can only be achieved in a monogamous relationship, where you know you’re enough for the person you’re with – and she knows that she’s enough for you. Lenny Kravitz said it best – “We all fall short of the glory”. I’m certainly not asexual to the rest of the world and when a lady I find hot walks buy, I take notice. My wife is also a total chick magnet, and over the years we’ve made friends with some incredibly good looking women – and a couple extra marital kisses in mutual company haven’t wrecked us as a couple, but real love is about sacrifice, and one can’t enjoy the benefits of a relationship, while accepting none of the responsibilities, without paying a price. I think the healthiest poly-amorous relationships occur when a couple SHARE a third partner that they both love and who loves both of them equally. I do think trinities are possible, but that healthy emotional balance is extremely difficult to achieve, and the original couple will inevitably lose some of their original connection if they cross that line.  At least David is up front to his partners that he’s not a one-woman guy.  I will tell you this much.  I know a woman who was psychologically destroyed by a man who had a harem of other women that he wouldn’t give up for her, while she remained chaste to the rest of the world for him.  It was such an F’d up situation.  The combined psychic hatred of her family, friends, and guys that would have been willing to date her monogamously towards this one man was enough to cripple his health, bankrupt him, and drive him into paranoid insanity. It was like a MEGA curse, so I hope that David knows that these women have moms and dads, brothers and suitors that are going to hate his guts. 

  4. Theresa says:

    Oh boy…Pete I laughed my butt off. But I follow David Wolfe and actually saw the bit on youtube. Maybe you have to be watching and not just listening. And you HAVE to know about superfoods and medicine men and healers to get what he was talking about I guess. David is super authentic. If you want to learn more about where he was coming from the Sacred Science documentary by Nicki Polizzi, who is one of David Wolfe’s biggest fans, explains how we can find healing for the mind, body, spirit in Mother Nature. David and Pete were just having fun with this.

  5. crittertalk says:

    My thought: Progress is a moot concept if new ideas never go beyond our comfort zone. By rejecting the speaker, we give ourselves permission to reject anything he or she offers. So, ta da, we stay arrogantly content among those things we already accept.

    Good thing D. Wolfe didn’t write a book on little creatures too small to see, hear, touch, or feel that could kill us without the right kind of defenses available (antibiotics). Now there’s one far out concept I’m personally going to reject because the messenger is arrogant and selling books to reach a broader spectrum of audiences. I’m not even going to touch that “world is flat” tale or the idiot who claimed we could fly to other planets!

    “the wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows all”
    清者自清,浊者自浊 (translation from Chinese)

  6. True to Form says:

    So funny! Dave’s on point after another, and some troll bot sez, “oh, he sells products” (that I’ve never heard of, so it’s obviously fraud). Hahaha. Such an imbecile. Thanks, Pete for having a brilliant researcher and author of six books on for three hours; play it over and over.

  7. Fair Friend says:

    That’s odd, I didn’t have all the probs someone else did. Like, sheer will won’t prolong life despite pancreatic cancer. Inspires me. Surprised someone like Pete attracts such shut-down, closed-off, establishment types. FDA has job openings, ya know.

  8. GabeP says:

    Jeez, did most of you psychos read your comments…”i love you pete holmes” “im your biggest fan” “i dont have a life so i hate someone who is passionate about making people healthy”. Wow! You guys need to seriously think about some mental health evaluations, and remember denial is a clear sign you have a problem. This was a good episode, period. Pete holmes is a funny dude but im not pathetic therefore i wont go as far to say i love an entertainer, really you love him, really…think about it. Love is reserved for family, friends, and your significant other. I bet 99.9999999% of you have never or will never be friends, lovers, or even an acquaintance of pete holmes, which means, no personal connection. How do you love someone youve never met, you dont know him, hes not your buddy. And the im your biggest fan people, over 6billion populating the planet, but you and you only are the biggest fan, ok, another symptom of mental health issues, delusions. Pete holmes is funny, makes me laugh, cool dude, thats where it stops for me. And as for Wolfe, so hes a little different. But the guy knows his shit…at least about health. Changed the way i look at food, watched one of his vids on netflix, took his advice…now im healthier than ive ever been. Hes passionate, gets his point across eloquentley. Sure sometimes goes a bit overboard but then again, look at how all of you do the same thing about your unhealthy, weird, obsession, for pete holmes. So much hate on Wolfe, a guy that just wants to help people. And yeah that is his job, so he deserves an income for it. Every person that has earned a career, did so by selling their talents. And that is true for every single person that makes a living on what they do. So hate breeds hate. If you dont like my opinion i dont give a fuck.

  9. Protoman says:

    Nothin wrong with free love, nothin wrong with shrooms, nothin wrong with eating healthy. But there’s definitely something wrong with this Wolfe asshole thinking he can turn water into gold

  10. Papageorgio says:

    I think you guys are being hard on him. Why are you so offended by someone trying to get you to eat raw honey and avocados? Are you frightened that you might actually get healthy and feel better? Sure he has something to sell and is gimmicky, infomercially, and full of questionable science, but please let Pete entertain himself and enjoy him some “superfoods”. Although it may be overrated, it’s better than the alternative “western diet”. Even Re: Cancer, he says his healthy diet is just a tool on your side; so is medication, positive thinking, etc.

  11. Blaine says:

    Andrew, there’s a new podcast up. Unfortunately, David Wolfe is cited in it, and Pete goes New Age-y again.

  12. Andrew says:

    No new podcast after a week of waiting…uhhhh….WASH MY DAMN TOWELS.

  13. Blaine says:

    There are so many likes I want to give to comments here. Well done for speaking up! We can be fans of Pete and love and support him,but also call out this poor-form advert.

  14. Ormus Redenbacher says:

    This conversation is just an improv game where at least one participant doesn’t realize he’s playing.

  15. Robert says:

    I happen to like David Wolfe. I am a supporter of him. He might have weird views but a lot of his cancer cures are backed by science. Reshi mushroom is one of the most studied herbs in the world. Most traditional cancer medications are extracted MUSHROOMS! I dont think we should abandon the conventional medical system. But if people really think the system is altruistic, I believe they are wrong. Profit driven medical systems do not work.

  16. James says:

    great job guys, you were all so mean about this episode and now Pete isn’t going to post the David Icke episode. Bunch of fucking lizard illuminati slaves.

  17. Nil says:

    Im studying for my masters in biotechnology with a focus on food and life science, Ive got my bachelor´s in chemical engineering. Still I must say that I found this episode interesting, he is an interesting guy nodoubt.

    The one thing I find unnattractive is how sure he is about his weird ideas, talking about scienes and that “they” have proven stuff with out a doubt. Where are these articles, why aren´t they published in Nature or where ever if they are so groundbreaking?

    Listening to him ramble is fun, taking his science seriously is a whole other thing 😛

  18. Kyle says:

    Let’s be sure this gets to ol’ Petey somehow:

  19. Kyle says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to shut this one off halfway through. Rather than parroting the general consensus on Wolfe and his arrogance/fraudulence, I’d rather address a point made maybe fifteen minutes before I abandoned ship. Regarding cancers and their cures, Wolfe’s response was so flippant and ignorant that I’m surprised Pete didn’t shut down the episode there and then. Maybe his uncle did manage to survive his cancer for eight years without the help of medicine, but it still claimed his life eventually. To imply that he was able to extend his life beyond the national average for pancreatic cancer victims by sheer force of will insults not only our intelligence as listeners, but the memories of literally every cancer victim known by the podcast audience. According to Wolfe, all the now-deceased needed to do to at least prolong their life was desire to live badly enough; clearly those who didn’t survive eight years of pancreatic cancer simply threw in the towel prematurely. Even if they subjected themselves to treatment after treatment in hopes of being well again, to live out the rest of their days with friends and family, reinvigorated by their brush with death. I understand that the podcast is intended to be a “safe place” for guests to spout their out-there beliefs, but if in the slightest chance you’re reading this, Pete, the next time you hear this argument come up from another snake oil salesman like this Wolfe asshat, please tell them to go fuck themselves.

  20. Izzy says:

    Well, I´m eating raw vegan and I meditate and I´m the biggest hippie BUT STILL I think David Wolfe is super weird and scary. He kind of gives me the creeps. However, I love Pete to death and that episode made me think and thats a good thing. But why is there no new one this week? I´m sad. Is ist because we were mean about this one?

  21. Michael says:

    I also think David Wolfe is ful of shit fellow commentors. I think this is the first week Pete has been late on an episode, no?

  22. Lisa says:

    Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeete WHERE IS THIS WEEK’S NEW EPISODE?!

  23. Greg says:

    I’m generally a big fan of the podcast and enjoy the discussions very much.

    This one though, geez. This David Wolfe guy is a real piece of work. Not only was he arrogant, misinformed and entirely wrapped up in himself, but he also gave an extremely creepy vibe when he started talking about how the vegan lifestyle was great for the “chicks.” No doubt that veganism probably has health and environmental benefits, but to reduce it down to such a skeezy argument seemed a disservice and discredit to his cause.

    Also many of his claims are downright dangerous and scientifically proven to be bunk. Oh, and then there was that alien stuff…

    This guy does not keep it crispy. I’m happy to put this one behind. Please keep up the usually great work with this show with insightful and credible guests.

  24. Gerry says:

    Pete… I want to hear this week’s episode 🙁

  25. Andrew says:

    No new episode today? Has anyone checked to make sure David Wolfe didn’t sell Pete to the Tralfamadorians in exchange for one of their free energy machines and a home perm kit?

  26. Scott says:

    It feels like this guy was specifically-designed for me to hate him. I’ve listened to every episode beginning to end and this is the only one I turned off.

  27. jamie says:

    Pete- I loved this episode. There was a lot in here about living a positive life. All the haters here are evidence of how shocking to the core a lot of this “new-age” stuff can be. Keep it up. More like this please!

  28. Ben says:

    Who was it that said Pete would’ve made a great Nazi 😉

    Yeah, had to turn this one off, and I probably missed out on some interesting parts due to that – however there’s only so much mutual spiritual masturbation I can listen to before getting my fill.

  29. Travis says:

    Worst episode ever. I usually enjoy the weirdness, but this guy is too arrogant about everything. He’s just as close minded as the “evil doctors and scientists”. I’m surprised people are still falling for the “guy says stuff with no proof” method of building a reputation and fortune.

    Pete, you’re awesome, love your show. Your guests are usually great. Your podcast usually brightens today. This one was not only a waste of time, but it darkened my day.

    Please don’t keep going down this path. If I see you having David Icke as a guest, I shall never listen again.

  30. Ashley says:

    Oh Petey!

    Can you please please give us a little insight into how you felt about this shenanigans? Usually my Pete Holmes fantasies aren’t comment-section-friendly, but all I’ve been imagining you doing lately is confessing that after this interview you blocked David Wolfe’s number.



  31. Thomas says:

    LOL at all the crybabies in this comments section.

  32. James says:

    HOLY SHIT. I thought this was going to be about eating healthy, I’m so glad I listened to this. Absolutely incredible, I hope everyone didn’t turnthis off before David Wolfe began discussing his Ormus experiments. Free podcast? Free podcast. Thank you so much for this, you are an absolute treasure, Pete. David Wolfe’s yes-anding filled me with such joy.

  33. Kyle S. says:

    I’m one of those annoying atheists, but I can listen to anybody as long as they have a little humility. Duncan Trussell–amazing. June Diane Raphael–amazing. Rob fucking Bell, even–love that guy.

    But David Wolfe? Same class of dude as a Benny Hinn or a Peter Popoff. Only difference is the vernacular.

  34. Roman says:

    Normally I enjoy the podcasts (I have listened to every single one),
    but you are literally going to kill someone having guests like this on.

    If you are going to have people on like this, you need GIANT disclaimers, and edits with disclaimers explaining that this is opinion only, and that people should seek medical help if they need it. The products being promoted in this podcast have not been proven to work, and can actually do harm.

    Honestly Pete, this is probably one of the worst things you have ever done (as a public service), and you probably don’t even realize it. To quote Billy Madison

    “at no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  35. Job says:


    While I’m not speaking for anyone else, there’s obviously a theme being presented here by your fans about this episode. I emphasize “your fans” because, well, each message was prefaced with how much they love you and appreciate your comedy and your “overall sensibility,” as you said when describing TPHS. There’s a lot of love in these comments, and I want to highlight that before going any further.

    (Small disclaimer: I have that love, too. Your podcast and standup has gotten me through some difficult times, and I can’t thank you enough for everything that you do.)

    I general, I’m not a big supporter of some of the pseudoscientific comments, but honestly, because I know this isn’t a science podcast and it’s more of an honesty/sharing podcast, I don’t mind. I think it’s a wonderful gift getting people to share their admittedly weird beliefs and practices, and it’s that intimacy that I enjoy so much about your podcast.

    For this reason, I thoroughly enjoyed the Duncan Trussell episode because he’s such a thoughtful, trippy dude. From what I gathered from that (and other) podcasts, Duncan seems to have this childlike enthusiasm about everything. He combines a deep interest in learning with an admission of this-could-all-be-bullshit that encourages some interesting thought experiments and self-reflection. He’s doesn’t seem to be going for scientific accuracy; instead, he’s going for mind-altering, brain-bending conversation about big things. And I like that about him.

    But David Wolfe isn’t like that. Instead, Wolfe is confident, almost arrogant in his certainty. He’s talking about pseudoscience like it’s obviously true, and that we scientists (I’m a graduate student studying cancer biology) in “the establishment” are just blinded by the truth. Personal conviction is one thing, but Wolfe is talking about “facts” here, saying that these are undisputed facts and not principles by which he lives his life. There’s a big difference there. Judging by his comments, Wolfe would’ve allowed no room for deep questioning about those facts, which, ultimately, is done for personal beliefs very often on this podcast.

    The more egregious problem I noticed, however, was Wolfe’s brazen hucksterism. He’s got everything that he’s talking about on his website, available for purchase, and his stuff is the best stuff, so don’t bother looking anywhere else! (That’s what makes the whole DGP “whose book is available now” thing funny, that contrast between a shameless commercial plug wedged in the middle of a deep philosophical insight.) This really bothered me. That, and the whole natural cure for cancer bullshit (because again, people’s lives are impacted by that attitude), but I’m willing to overlook those egregious comments for someone who’s open and honest.

    Look at the other non-comedians on the show. The Kumare guy was awesome because he talked about his own experience and interpretation of religion, and his experience was truly unique and fascinating. Even Rob Bell, who presented many of his arguments with such certainty, went “deep”, talking about his struggles with faith while preaching and his acknowledgement that all of this might be wrong (or, as he said, “but it’s a really cracking story”). That’s honesty. That’s openness. That, combined with your hilarious and insightful comments, is good podcasting.

    Again, this is coming from a place of love, but please don’t have anyone like this on the podcast again. I know that it’s a free show, and I can turn it off whenever I want, but I feel that I should attempt to clarify (or crystallize) what people are saying about this episode from my own perspective.

    Keep it crispy, Pete.

  36. Travesty says:

    There will be scammers and suckers for the rest of time.

  37. DC says:

    I don’t know what the other people are talking about in these comments, one of the best eps in awhile…

  38. JimHall says:

    First off — Pete, I love you and the podcast. Always have, always will. The Pete Holmes Show is my new jam as well!

    That said, holy shit, this episode. I think most of the guest’s ridiculous claims have already been addressed, so I’ll tackle this one: Wolfe claims to know an “abductee” that can provide detailed instructions on how to build not one, but THREE different “free energy” devices (one being a perpetual motion engine which, according to the laws of thermodynamics, is impossible). I have a few questions:

    1) Why hasn’t the abductee shared these designs with anyone else? He seemed more than willing to tell David all about it. Why not share it with someone that could actually construct the device?

    2) Why hasn’t David attempted to get the designs again from the abductee?

    I know the answer is “because it just didn’t happen,” but I would have loved to hear his reasoning for why no one else has these designs or why he hasn’t attempted to get them again.

  39. Lisa says:

    Oh, Petey Pants. Oh man. This episode…I mean, come on, Pete. You are my favourite podcaster and comedian, I’ve listened to every single episode you’ve ever done, and I really appreciate your openness and honesty and willingness to be open the world. I think a lot of people could afford to take a lesson like that from you. However….really, with this episode? I’m able to listen to a lot of nonsense without taking it seriously, but what really rubs me the wrong about this guy is just how RIGHT this guy thinks he is. What I like about so many of your other guests is how when they talk about their own beliefs and the things they’re into, they acknowledge, like you, that they might be full of shit. Wolfe here seems to think the things he has to say are all set in stone FACTS, and that bothers me. Also, good lord with the constant “close personal friend of mine” stuff! Why the need to feel so validated?! By the way he talks, his intonation and tone of voice, he comes across like a walking talking infomercial. “But wait, there’s more!” I’m about 1.5 hours into this episode and want to finish it, because I do so adore you Pete, but it is tooooough. On a positive note, nice Flea joke! Fleagan did make me laugh pretty hard! Keep being your wonderful self, and thanks for a fantastic free podcast that I have enjoyed 99% of the time!

  40. sean says:

    Love Pete and his willingness to be honest and open to all sorts of topics. This episode however was an absolute crock of shit. Now I see how Pete was sucked into the world of churches for so long. David Wolfe….Noooooooope!

  41. Jenna says:

    I love you Pete Holmes but last week was the first time I turned off a podcast a half and hour into it.

    Maybe it was because I experimented and did loads of drugs in my 20’s (when you are supposed to do such reckless things) that hearing to over 30 men talk about drugs with such fawning made my stomach turn.

  42. frankmint says:

    I came here for the comments. I had to turn off after an hour. I actually like Pete and his crazy talk. This guest, however reeked of fraud.

  43. Fartbooty says:

    Wtf did I just listen to?

  44. Protoman says:

    Good lord, and I thought last week’s podcast with all the astrology talk was bad