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Episode 178: You Made It Weird
Dan St. Germain

You Made It Weird #178: Dan St. Germain

Dan St. Germain makes it weird!

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Drone Over a Middle Ages Festival Taken Down by A Spear

Drone Over a Middle Ages Festival Taken Down by A Spear

This Website Will Tell You If Thanos Killed You

This Website Will Tell You If Thanos Killed You

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Trailer Changed Everything

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Trailer Changed Everything



  1. PERSONS NAME says:

    hey pete! u said u think ppl like da podcast bt not da stand up, i had to load up gchrome to tell u u R 1 of da greats, i listen/watch or riff or laugh at something uve done everyday n have since i first started listening about 6 months ago. ur personality and sense of humor truly makes u stand out, the podcast being more popular might just have to do with that people cant get enough pete lol seriously, i dont think any of us that listen dont love your stand up. im from the uk + not rich yet so i cant fly over and watch ur shows but if i could i would even if i seen it b4 ur really 1 OF THE GREATS

  2. somegal says:

    Great episode!

  3. Walker Smith says:

    Love the Mark Normand shoutout! That guy is hilarious.

  4. ItsAlrightPodcast says:

    …Dan did say that he would be worried if he found S&M stuff in his kid’s internet history…I’d recommend checking out Sex Nerd Sandra’s Nerdist podcast for evidence that S&M isn’t intrinsically unhealthy

  5. ItsAlrightPodcast says:

    Andrew & Michael Derry–totally agree, I do. Regarding my thoughts on this show, Pete’s talkin about 100 love dollars again…just makes me again want to hear Sex At Dawn’s author Chris Ryan on this show. Pete, pretty please? You & Dan did a good one today, btw. 🙂

  6. Tillburg says:

    Huh. I really figured that, being the book-ish person you are and how open you are, you would have read The God Delusion by now. Just kind of surprised.

    Great stuff by the way! Dan really does hold a lot of fears us workin’ folks deal with a lot. Good on ya for a great convo.

  7. This podcast totally reminded me of why I love the concept of the show and why I’ve continued to listen. There is a real intimacy on display here, and I think people who dislike the show or Pete in general as a result of the show, well… they just don’t get it. Whenever I start feeling angry toward people like that in life as a whole, though, I have to remember that we just naturally shrink away from it. We do the “Yeah, yeah, yeah” thing that Dan mentioned. At best, we can become conscious of it and do it less and less when faced with something real. I really think that’s when we feel most connected to this god thing we’re all trying to define.

  8. gigi says:

    Careful when taking Niacin. Most people get enough throughout the day so one pill will take care of your daily requirement while experiencing the niacin flush, but any more than that and you can do some serious damage to your liver.

  9. Devan says:

    Great show!

  10. Andrew says:

    This podcast gets me through my Wednesday. Love Dan and the conversation.

    Pete, you never need to say “I might have said this on the podcast before.” We’re here because we like the way you think, and find your themes and examples interesting.

  11. Patty Marvel says:

    OMG! He’s part of the new “Best Week Ever” crew! He’s hilarious! Looking forward to the interview!