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You Made It Weird #176: Dean Delray
Episode 176: You Made It Weird
Dean Delray

You Made It Weird #176: Dean Delray

Dean Delray (comedy! Let There Be Talk podcast!) makes it weird!

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  1. Alex says:

    GREAT episode. Dean, when you turn 80 and decide to try out singing, please publish covers of songs you don’t know the words to. I will buy them all.

  2. John G. says:


    I loved this line:

    “We all suffer from the same basic burdens”

    that was very beautiful and profound.

    water that changes based on negative energy is bullshit, though. It was in that movie What the Bleep do we know, and that movie was full of nonsense. It’s been thoroughly debunked.

  3. Mike says:

    Dean is flippin sexy!

  4. frankmint says:

    One of the best shows. I also look forward to seeing more of Dean.

  5. laura says:

    Was there any ‘sex’ in this one? I think this was was mostly C with a splash of G.

  6. tim says:

    great episode as usual, cant wait for the show

  7. jerk says:

    God dammit, Pete. I love you but that thing with the water and the crystals is bullshit. It’s lies. There’s no value in lies.

    This would be the biggest fucking news in the world if there was a reproducible study that showed bad vibes are a real, measurable thing.

    Why would Dr. Emoto make this up? Go to his website where he’s selling people PHOTOGRAPHS OF ICE. I bet you he’s booked as a guest speaker at a bunch of dopey newage festivals too.

    You heard about this guy on the internet I’m sure. It would take ten extra seconds to Google it and find out that it’s total nonsense. You admit you have the brain of a Snake Oil Salesman’s dreams, so shouldn’t you make a small effort to combat your tendency to be overly credulous? If only to avoid spreading some creep’s lies to other credulous people through your podcast?

    re: a previous episode, the Mythbusters also proved the thing about talking to plants is NOT true, by the way.

  8. Jacob says:

    “If you’re not doing something on the Internet you’re a big dumb bunny.”


  9. Tillburg says:

    Oh man this one was great. What a spectacular guest, I’ll look forward to seeing Dean Delray!

    Heh also Kurt may have leaked one of your next episodes (oh Danny boy…)

  10. Kevin C says:

    Kermit singing along to Otis Redding was amazing!!

  11. Joe says:

    This was my favorite singalong so far, only 60’s soul from now on please!!

  12. -Di. says:

    I LOVE this episode. This is my favorite episode of any podcast not just YMIW! This is really inspiring.