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Episode 174: You Made It Weird
Nick Swardson

You Made It Weird #174: Nick Swardson

Nick Swardson makes it weird!

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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


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What Are Captain Marvel's Superpowers?

What Are Captain Marvel's Superpowers?



  1. j says:

    He is talking about Jay Mohr btw.

  2. Andrea says:

    I just started listening to this podcast and I loved it! I love Nick Swardson even more now! Does anyone know the book he was talking about, with the prison riots? I’m curious and want to read it. Thanks!

  3. Dylan says:

    Awsome podcast man, I Really enjoy pete”S interview style, he really lets his guests talk, unlike some other podcats where the host is just waiting for there turn to talk, pete really gets people to open up, and tell the most amazing storys, I Love that they are more then an hour long each to,. Keep them comeing! and keep up the great work I love it,  lastly, I agree with Nick, Fuck the haters and people who shit on things, Im a firm beleaver in ” if you don’t have anything nice to say” F$&% trolls

  4. Dust says:

    Bucky Larson was hilarious, that is sad people tore him down about it.

  5. Tim says:

    Such a great conversation. Hilarious and moving. The story about Nick’s nephew and dying father actually gave ME the chills. Thank you so much for putting this out there.

  6. Clark says:

    Holy Actual Fuck, I’ve always had a positive opinion of Nick but never really went out of my way to see his stuff or learn much about him. This podcast has completely changed my opinion. This was amazing and I have nothing but respect and admiration for the man. Even with how long this ran I still would like to hear more. Great all around and look forward to hopefully more in the future!

  7. Terry says:

    nick swardson sucks i hope he dies

  8. Amanda says:

    I think This American Life or some similar radio program covered the story of the guy who had Nick’s old phone number and went to lots of Hollywood parties. I heard the story on the radio some time last year.

  9. mir says:

    What a nice guy! Wow! I’m so impressed with his ‘pay-it-forward’ mentality. I love his story of taking all of his friends on vacation. Cool dude.

  10. @Arabrabbra says:

    Ummm how is no one commenting on the “and that’s why I’m gay” comment at the beginning when talking about his dad? To me, that was def him confirming he is gay, and Pete repeating it but glossing it over further confirms that to me…peoples orientation is their own business, however in a business that is very homophobic and often bully comics and make fun of homosexuality, the more comedians to come out are a big deal and should be applauded. As the aunt of two gay nephews, I hope to see more support from the comedy community.

    • Ry-man says:

      You have obviously not listened to Swardson’s comedy before. Try not to take him too seriously…he is a comedian.

  11. Pallas says:

    Cried with laughter at the Christmas story. I had to get out of my chair and lie down it hurt so much from laughing.

  12. poser says:

    They cut something out when they were talking about the Mercedes dealership, right ?

  13. Megan says:

    Tears & hyperventilating with laughter over that Christmas story.

  14. Candace says:

    Pete sounds like the “no no no” cat during Nick’s prison story.

  15. Tyler says:

    So glad you got Nick to share his stories (and that he presumably agreed to keep them in). He seemed really hesitant but it was awesome to hear. It was a really nice episode, it could have gone on forever.

  16. Tillburg says:

    Wow great to hear how nice Nick is and how he pays it forward. This is wonderful.

    Keep strong both of you. You guys do great work and know that every time you make me smile it makes my day. Don’t make me send you guys photos of my friends and I laughing at your jokes. I’ll do it!

    Also I guess the only other thing is that, despite being a strongly-oriented agnostic, I deeply love hearing people talk about their spiritual/religious experiences. They’re such beautiful moments.

  17. Josh says:

    Awesome to learn more about Nick! I could have done another hour or two of stories. Even if they were just him lying to dumb people. Real “church laughter” here at work.

    Great Ep!

  18. SuebyDooby says:

    Nick’s story about his worst christmas at the end was high-fucking-larious. The vagina, nature’s holster.

  19. jsl says:

    No need for that, ThatGuy. I’ve been waiting for this episode since Pete teased it a while ago and it was amazing

  20. Travesty says:

    This one was unexpectedly fantastic! Thanks Pete and Nick!

  21. ThatGuy says:

    I haven’t listened to it yet but I hope gets his Maron moment here and Swardson comes out of the closet on YMIW

  22. Mccrackelz says:

    It’s great to know that people like Nick can make it while paying it forward. This really cheered me up, didn’t see that coming.

  23. k says:

    To me, realizing that one is not compelled to bear or raise children is one of the most liberating realizations there is. I encourage you to listen to that inner voice, Pete.

  24. Joseph Bridges says: