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Episode 172: You Made It Weird
Whitney Cummings

You Made It Weird #172: Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings makes it weird!

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  1. DylanNagy says:

    Pete, you have the Best podcast on Nerdist, Because your the best host, plain and simple man, much love for you keep doing what your doing! also love that you respond to commenters! Get em!

  2. Amygdala says:

    Oh, Pete, please next time someone egregiously butchers a science term over and over, just bleep it? Every single ‘amyglia’ was changing my core temperature.

  3. oldannyboy says:

    peteypants! i love this episode. i’m relistening to this. i thought 2+ hours of you and whitney gabbing WASN’T ENOUGH! something is wrong with me. i first listened to this on an overnight train back to my semi-permanent home after visiting my stupid parents. the guy next to me had to move because i was laughing so much. i haven’t been that into whitney’s roasting (or anyone’s roasting), but she and you are hilarious together. thank you.

  4. CUMMING SUCKS says:

    Constantly talking, annoying voice, so self-involved, very defensive and trying to control the conversation and setting. Dont like her at all.. But she sells cuz shes a hot comic with tits.

  5. Alec says:

    I wasn’t thinking of Bart, so much as Fry:

    “The thing is, Fry is very sweet, but he’s so immature. I love his boyish charm but I hate his childishness!”

  6. CJ says:

    Haven’t heard the podcast yet – was the misspelling of Whitney’s name on the title of the podcast on purpose? (it says, “Whiteny” in the title meta info… the actual file name is okay, though)

  7. Harrison Barnes says:

    Erin, to quote Pete Holmes himself, “FREE PODCAST!”

    • Elin Magri says:

      OK, I get it…everyone loves the chewing noises. I must wrong. Let’s all shoot for the least effort in improving. Pete, you win. Bravo.

      The things people will defend is ponderous.

  8. Elin Magri says:

    Why should someone have to FF? The point is I want to hear the soft intro. I like feeling like a chum that happens to be in the room when a guest comes in. Why the hell can’t the host have more respect for that intimacy by eating well-in-advance of a recording so all the phlegm and food snots have been fully cleared from the verbal runway instead of acting gluttonous and surprised by the visit, as if he didnt know about it? You bulbous twit (mistletoe). Pete, I with you babe. We can do this together. Leave the chocolate for your ‘end of recording’ reward.