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Episode 138: You Made It Weird
Mike Bridenstine

You Made It Weird #138: Mike Bridenstine

Mike Bridenstine makes it weird!

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  1. David says:

    Great show.
    Thanks to the kind folks who posted the links to the radio show and roast.
    @chicken I think it’s misplaced to assume that anyone who drinks or smokes is a poor afflicted leper who desperately needs saving. Unless it’s harming someone else, surely people’s vices are their business alone.

  2. Chicken says:

    Pete, You quit drinking and and whole new world will open up for you [insert song from Little Mermaid]. We love you and you’ll get a ton of material from being sober (or trying to be sober).

    Also, I was thinking that the new hard core porn is kids wearing clothes and dry humping each other. Just sayin.

  3. Lisa says:

    Wow Pete, you were not wrong. Young Mike Bridenstine was a total fox. Google told me so. Current Mike Bridenstine isn’t too shabby either. This ep was really, really funny, also.

  4. If you’re an inept detective like a Pete Holmes style Batman, here is the ‘Roast of the Week’ episode they mentioned at the top of the podcast – Episode #5

  5. Andrew says:

    LOVE the hardest laugh question because they are ALWAYS HILARIOUS! His story about hitting on women while walking backwards, then falls, then farts loudly – hardest laugh I’ve had in months, no joke. I was crying and couldnt breathe. This was a good convo. THanks guys!

  6. Jimmy says:

    The fact that this episode introduced me to drunk radio clip makes it priceless. For anyone who hasn’t sought it out yet:

    So good.

  7. the best says:

    just had to say this episode will go down as one of my all time favourite weirds. you guys were on point, so funny

  8. Patty Marvel says:

    Wow. Lots of sharing today! Sounds like Mike needed a chat, Petie Pants was just the sympathetic ear he needed and MB is probably better off without a person who would read his e-mail looking for dirt.

    BTW, did some Googling and found more info on “Flatland:”

  9. lookleftandsmile says:

    Dear Pete, I once got badly dumped for someone named “Summer” (…in the winter…). The Rocko reveal had me in tears from laughing for a good twenty minutes. Life is sometimes perfection. Thank you.

  10. wat says:

    Rocko’s Small, Italian Life?

  11. Mark says:


  12. wat says:

    That first Adam Sandler album ruled my comedy world back in the day

  13. michael says:


  14. John says:

    Great Chunk story!