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Episode 133: You Made It Weird
Brody Stevens

You Made It Weird #133: Brody Stevens

Brody Stevens makes it weird!

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  1. Philbot says:

    HA!! Hearing the words, “five,” “iron,” and “frenzy” come out of Pete’s mouth, even in error, was a shot of fun juice straight into my brain. It turned my face into a smile factory!

  2. This was an easy one and helps my backlog. Behold: Brody Stevens with Duncan Trussell’s beard and the other way around.

  3. Chris says:

    I love you and I love the show. But when you eat in the microphone, it ends an episode for me. I can’t listen. It frequently depresses me really badly because I want to hear you and I want to hear the guest. Just to give you some explanation, I have an issue known as misophonia (see wiki). I really really wish I didn’t, but I do and have dealt with it for as long as I can remember.

    I know that it is my problem and not yours. I’m simply hoping to make you aware and I dare say that there is a potentially large part of podcast listener-ship that has it too. There are amounts of people who turn to the earphones to avoid the sounds of others eating in the office. It’s a condition (situation?) that brought me to the podcast world and your lovely personality which I absolutely love and it has saved me in so many ways that I could never fully express it to you. I am a superfan. However, the sounds of chewing and smacking directly into a mic is completely intolerable for me and has kept me from listening to several of your episodes that truly excited me. It’s like being 10 and The Simpsons is about to come on and all I get is the overtone of an emergency testing tone for the entire half hour.

    I really do get that excited about your podcast, and my heart falls to the ground when it’s going on. A secondary but less stressful issue for me and I’m sure others, is that we go deep with you on podcasts when we are in the gym, or maintaining a diet in the office trying to keep our minds off of eating and coworkers all around going to town on junk food. I specifically give credit to podcasts for being the key ingredient to cure me of boredom in the gym and boredom nibbling at work. I have lost 90 lbs thanks to podcasts. Hearing smacking chewing and gulping on mic for a half hour while on the treadmill or avoiding the office cake isn’t much fun either. I could see a portion of your audience being in that boat as well.

    Anyway, I have no place to request this of you. It isn’t my business and it’s a free podcast and I love it to death. So all I can do is beg that you continue with it forever and ever but please avoid eating on mic. Pretty please. I only want to listen to you.

  4. Drew says:

    Just realized the time notes above are time LEFT, not in. Apologies.

  5. Drew says:

    regarding 52:31-52:20, ‘the stone in the ocean’…

    When I was a child my mother, my younger brother, and I were driving through the Appalachian mountains north of Gambrill State Park and we came across a dirt road with a stream running across it and down the mountain. The sun shown through the trees and onto the stream, where many beautiful stones in a multitude of pinks, peaches, oranges, blue greys, mottled purples and other colors lay with sunlight dancing in the water gently flowing over them.

    We pulled off the road and got out of the family Volvo wagon; my brother and I taking off our shoes and socks and wading into the stream, picking up the stones that caught our eye and putting them in our pockets to take back to show our mother. After 10 to 20 minutes of this and with bulging pockets pulling our shorts off our hips slightly, we returned to her to show off our haul.

    As we emptied our pockets into the trunk of the station wagon we realized that our wondrous treasures had lost their beauty and were merely dull stones. As we collected the rocks from the rough carpeted floor of the trunk to return them to the stream our mother followed us and was able to see why we collected them as they were returned to the water.

    A few weeks later my mother brought us back to that stream running over the dirt road and gave each of us a clear glass screw-top jar with the label washed off it and told us to go find the prettiest stones to fill the jars; handing my brother a squat fat jar, most likely a pickle jar, and me a tall slender jar, not unlike the ones molasses is sold in. Again we stripped off our shoes and socks and waded into the stream, filled the jars with the cool water gently flowing over our feet and around our ankles, and again we picked the beautiful stones from the stream and placed them in our jars this time, preserving their beauty.

    This time I took a little longer picking the stones from the stream, placing them in the jar and regarding how the stones looked together inside, removing those which didn’t seem to belong in the jar of beautiful stones I’d collected and returning them to the brook for one more suitable to my collection. With our jars full, we ran back to our mother with broad, bright smiles on our faces to show her how beautiful the stones we’d found were and she smiled, and laughed and complimented each jar in turn for their beautiful contents, singling out a stone or two from each jar and describing a characteristic of it she found especially enjoyable.

    After playing around in the stream some more (there was an island in the middle of it further up stream, maybe 6 feet wide and 20 feet long that was surely submerged when the snow melted in the spring or after an especially heavy rain) we piled into the car with our jars of stones and returned home. After we got home, my mother took the jars into the bathroom, unscrewed the lids, placed her hand over the top, fingers slightly spread apart to let the water out but keep the solid contents in and dumped the water from the stream out and replaced the clear cool stream water with rubbing alcohol to keep the water from becoming foul in its stagnation. My brother and I placed the jars on our dressers and kept them for years.

    That 10 or so seconds of the podcast brought back this flood of great memories from my childhood that I’ve now passed on to all of you who read this. There really isn’t a point to this but thanks for seeing where it ended

  6. thomas says:

    I thought you were advertising bananas!?? They better be good.

  7. Patty Marvel says:

    Pete Holmes = “Why not have a little happiness with your coffee?”


    Being a Grumpy Gus to some barista (or any poor soul) isn’t fair to them, but be a decent, happy person for a whopping twenty seconds and that can have an effect on how the rest of their day goes as well as yours.

    Or just invoke Wheaton’s Law – “Don’t Be A Dick.”

  8. TJ says:

    @Dave – Uh, Todd Glass Show?

  9. Rachel says:

    YES! I’ve been waiting for this one!

  10. Jake Rutkowski says:

    Is it me or did it sound like a Dane cook episode might be in the works.

  11. John smith says:

    YES! Enjoyed it! Favourite part “oh I know him” spoiler alert Pete actually knew the person for once.

  12. Five Iron Lover says:

    @0:33:50 Five Iron Frenzy!!!!

  13. Pete Holmes says:

    Haaa, I assure you Matt I don’t plug anything during the show. If we gushed about amazon it’s because I’m addicted to 1-Click! YES. POSITIVE ENERGY!

  14. Dave says:

    Great episode!

    so…. when does Katie get her own podcast?

  15. matt says:

    i will say, though, that the amazon gush in the beginning of the episode was kinda weird, especially since there was that recent status about advertisements. It did come up naturally and I’m fairly certain the little mini conversation you and brody had wasn’t an ad, but it did seem a little off. Overall i don’t care at all (because amazon is pretty cool) but their presence as a sponsor had me a little suspicious there.

    i still love everything about this show

  16. matt says:

    the roll continues! this was my introduction to brody. i really enjoyed him

  17. Nick says:


    Why does the audio player on the website always show 2 hours and 64 minutes?

  18. Mark says:

    Pete: “I just watched a movie about knuckleballs…”

    Was this the documentary “Knuckleball!”? FANTASTIC movie. Wakefield and Dickey are my baseball heroes.

  19. Lovin’ it as usual! Thanks for the podcast, heart you!!

  20. Bryan says:

    YES! Positive Energy!