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Episode 130: You Made It Weird
Live from Vancouver!

You Made It Weird #130: Live from Vancouver!

Andy Kindler, Mark Normand, Carmen Lynch, Joe List and Phil Hanley make it weird in Vancouver, Canada!

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  1. Tim says:

    I love the live ones! I laughed more at this live one than any of the other ones, really funny peeps

  2. Jeff says:

    I wish I could go back to not knowing who Andy Kindler is. What an idiot..

  3. Wendy says:

    Pete PLEASE have Mark Normand on for his own episode!!! I have heard him on Keith and the Girl over the years and he has been in some fucked up relationship stuff that I would love to hear you delve into with him. He is hilarious and obviously needs more exposure since a lot of these comments are “why haven’t I heard of him” and he was great in this entire episode!

  4. Alain Williams says:

    I was at this show! Afterwards, Pete did a meet n’ greet (Meet n’ Pete?).
    At one point Pete started laughing, then I started laughing at his laugh with my own stupid laugh, and we stupidly laughed at each other for about 30 seconds.

    It was the best.

  5. Jimmy says:

    This episode was so full of laser from almost everyone involved! Except for Andy Kindler who was doing his usual rusty shotgun thing.

    But seriously, the laser accuracy before that point was at a high not seen on a live episode since Todd Barry and Michael Ian Black shared the stage! I need to keep up with this Mark Normand kid.

  6. derp says:

    Kindler really sucked the air out of the room. Why shoehorn in his ‘material’ where he criticizes other comedians that aren’t even there or have anything to do with what they’re talking about? The rest of the podcast was great.

  7. Lisa says:

    Pete – I don’t know if anybody told you this yet, but I found it hilarious and wanted to share with you. The joke you made about Vancouver looking like Hong Kong…you got such a big laugh to that because Vancouver has a huge Asian population. The rest of Canada (and maybe Vancouver itself, I don’t know) jokingly refers to Vancouver as “Hongcouver”. So spot-on observation, buddy! Oh, and hilarious episode as per usual. Mark Normand is awesome. P.S. Have Chris Thayer on again, please. Him and Hampton Yount are possibly my two favourite people.

  8. Picklemeth says:

    Holy shit Mark Normand is funny. Why have I never heard of him?

  9. Superfluous Opinions: I have them!

    I did think Kindler’s criticizing of the fact that Mike Birbiglia might, on occasion, exaggerate real-life events for comedic effect in his STAND-UP COMEDY was slightly off-putting and unnecessary. However, I totally agree with his assessment of Bill Maher. Fuck that guy and his stupid opinions.

  10. @robbie

    I totally agree that Kindler does a lot of material in which he complains about the success of other comedians, but I also think that Louis CK is treated like a sort of Sacred Cow, akin to maybe Seinfeld or Chris Rock. You know, how everything they do is considered HILARIOUS, even when it elicits no actual laughter from an audience, and that criticizing them brings about dead space during a performance. You could hear that in the podcast; the room kind of went silent when Kindler mentioned Louis’ use of profanity, something really innocuous when you consider the comics had been calling each other “Mr. Bean” and “Fatty” earlier.

    With all of that nonsense said, I loved the podcast. Pete continues his Lazer Accuracy streak of entertaining me. I love it so much.

  11. robbie says:

    I really dont like kindler’s tendency to sell out/rip on other comics as the foundation of his material. If you dont wanna seem like the foundation of your success is wholly based on other people, you better be a lot funnier than they are

    great show tho pete. love the live ones

  12. Patty Marvel says:

    Pete thought they were bad, but I got a HUGE kick out of the game names, including the rap one, the Q-bert and the Polish Karma Sutra (won’t actually name them here so as not to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t listened yet).

    And is it me or did PH sound especially sexy while speaking Spanish? Ladies, be ready to “downstairs DJ.”

    Speaking of ladies, here’s Sarah Vowell in (I think) her most-recent appearance on “The Daily Show.” I hope she makes it weird with PH on either the podcast or his TV show some day.

  13. Mark says:

    Mark trading jabs with Andy was SO GREAT.

  14. Sarah says:

    Congrats on the show, Pete! Also, too many amazing quotes from this one, i.e. “That’s not TV, it’s Racism!” “Lasers in the jungle” plus everything Mark Normand said. Brava, YMIW, brava.

  15. Andy Kindler was GREAT! Nice podcast Pete, I heart you!

  16. Patty Marvel says:

    Haven’t finished the podcast yet, but in case anyone was wondering who really was the voice of Violet Parr in “The Incredibles,” it’s writer / historian Sarah Vowell:

    You can hear Vowell read her audiobooks along with various actors and comedians, especially on THIS excellent piece of work: It’s a book about presidential murders and tourism.