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Episode 13: You Made It Weird
Nick Kroll
You Made It WeirdYou Made It Weird

You Made It Weird #13: Nick Kroll

What’s weirder than Nick Kroll telling Pete his laugh is the absolute worst? Let’s just say Pete calls Nick a son-of-a-bitch like 40 times. And “vaginas dentata” is mentioned, if that’s a thing. And comedy, sex and God. Oh, and candy bars and growing up pretty well off.

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  1. As a Lexington Resident, your discussion of your family’s relative financial wealth was misleading and inaccurate. Lexington, MA is a middle-class, upper-middle class community. Yes, it’s a great town, but families do face financial struggles. Yes, some millionaires live in this town. But no billionaires. In contrast, the Kroll Family is a multi-billion dollar family. Yes, they are EXTREMELY generous with their billions, including large donations to universities such as Georgetown, where Nick attended, and their name appears on university benefactor lists. However, for Pete to compare his financial safety net of a middle-class family to that of the MUCH broader and stronger billion-dollar net of Mr. Kroll is disingenuous and inaccurate.

  2. Weebee says:

    I would like to point out that Jess was raped by a clown as a child which has fucked up his/her/its ability to perceive comedy. Nick Kroll you are an amazingly funny person. You ribbed Pete better than a well made dildo in a very sensitive vagina, his laughter can only be considered the audible equivalent of a twat squirt, because he thinks you are as funny as I do.

    Love you Nicky!

    (This comment thread is so old I’m sure these words will never reach a soul. What a shame.)

  3. Jess says:

    I was surprised to learn that Nick Kroll is a comedian…he wasn’t even slightly funny in this podcast- he came off as sort of an ass. And Pete Holmes’s laugh is the best!

  4. Ash says:

    I so love Take 5!

  5. MAMcNab says:

    Bananagrams is a delightfully fun game. And Pete’s laugh is also terrific. Keep it weird.

  6. Kevin says:

    “Albert Einstein was a Pantheist. I think in a lot of ways, fulfilled atheists like Carl Sagan must have thought we’re all part of a bigger organism, scientifically speaking, human beings prove that the universe is experiencing itself.” what an incredible comment, Spray-Tan. Not to get all Bob Saget but, I’ve really never thought of that way before.

    Great episode.

  7. Sarah R says:

    LPHL indeed! I love it when people have unique, genuine laughs. The quirkier they are, the more likely I am to laugh just hearing them laugh. Pete’s laugh makes me happy.

    Take 5s = all that you want in a candy bar, none of the bad stuff like nougat.

  8. Amy D. says:

    No seriously, the Take 5 candy bar is the best candy bar in the world.

  9. Julia Hays says:

    Had this discussion not been so interesting and entertaining I may have been distracted by the fact that I was not enjoying a delicious Take 5 candy bar.

  10. Mary Jane says:

    C’mon Pete, Terri Schiavo

  11. tomthefanboy says:

    I am right there with you on the Take 5 candy bar. Anything with pretzels is awesome. Am I really only the third person excited about this?

  12. josh says:

    Nice podcast Pete–you guys are fun to listen to. Nick’s got a good mix of nonchalance and thoughtfulness that I’ve always seen as confidence. This peek behind the curtain was fun. I hope he makes it back on your Laugh Factory show one of these Wednesdays.

  13. Pete Holmes says:

    Haaaa, thanks errr’one! I WILL KEEP LAUGHING. And getting shushed in restaurants. Probably with Nick.

    And thanks Spray-Tanon for the Einstein Pantheism info, that’s really interesting! There’s no way that’s not coming up in a future ep.

    LPHL and KIC weirdos.

  14. Suzie says:

    LPHL. Let Pete Holmes Laugh.

    His laugh is the best & I look forward to it every week.

  15. Kash says:

    Holding in the laugh is KILLING me!

  16. Spray-Tan says:

    Albert Einstein was a Pantheist. I think in a lot of ways, fulfilled atheists like Carl Sagan must have thought we’re all part of a bigger organism, scientifically speaking, human beings prove that the universe is experiencing itself.

  17. Rompe says:

    Laugh loud Pete. Don’t let this guy teeter you around. Laugh in his fucking face.

  18. Rompe says:

    Pete not laughing made me sad. I look forward to Pete ‘s laugh. Makes me feel alright. That alls nice out there. Laugh on brother. Laugh loud.

  19. Jane says:

    Why did this podcast make me sad?

  20. RobBrownaswood says:

    Yes Take 5 interests me but Mr. Goodbar is so elusive here and so simple… And glad I’m not the only one who looks angry when thinking. Being brown and having facial hair plus that makes a lot of places weird.

  21. Brian O says:

    Even though I’m very firmly agnostic, I do always look forward to the religion discussion.

  22. Jessica says:

    I love Pete’s laugh, it makes things funnier when he laughs so hard at them.

  23. Kara says:

    Pete Holmes trying to censor his laugh makes me sad.

  24. dan says:

    Interesting lesson in sociology. Meeds more weird.

  25. Totally says:

    Finally, someone is talking about Pete’s adorably obnoxious laugh!

  26. Jason says:

    Finally, someone is talking about the Take 5 candy bar!