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Episode 126: You Made It Weird
Jordan Vogt-Roberts

You Made It Weird #126: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Toy’s House, TV’s Mash Up) makes it weird!

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  1. thyhoopyfrood says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned, what’s up with Jordan and T.J. Miller? Comedian feud?

  2. Me says:

    Kudos to Val on the logical, well articulated reply about sex without condoms up there ^! I agree 100% and I want to say, as an almost married person, I still have sex with condoms and for me there aren’t many other options. I can’t take any form of hormonal birth control because of health issues so that is out f the question. Besides that, most long-term monogamous, married or engaged couples don’t look at having a baby with the attitude of “who cares if we pregnant, we can keep it since we are married” the way Pete does. It’s kind of a big decision to have a baby even if you are married. I mean that is seriously common sense!

    I don’t think it’s worth risking getting pregnant to have sex without a condom and -surprise, surprise- my future husband doesn’t really care either because he still gets laid! Am I supposed to rely on the pull out method like an uneducated, religious pre-teen or should I do something to protect myself from unwanted pregnancy like an adult with a brain? Hmmm. Very lame points you made there Pete and I am sure you would agree with that since the summary of your argument for condomless sex in long term relationships was “… but come onnnn” and since you know multiple couples personally who still use condoms. It really makes sense if you think about it with your mind brain and not your dick brain :p

  3. Lisa says:

    Holy. Shamoli. I could not have loved this episode more. Jordan was the PERFECT guest to make it exactly the type of weird I’m into. I mean, talking about how we’re all a simulation and aliens and the matrix?! Yes please, I WILL have some more! Oh, and I agree with the previous commenter about the 3 am sleepy podcast. I would pay legitimate money for that. That was the hardest I have laughed all week. (Sad, maybe.) Please continue to make my life laughier.

  4. Amanda says:


  5. Alec says:

    You had the part about humans having an extra chromosome backwards, Pete. All of the great apes have 24 chromosomes, except for humans. We’ve got 23.

  6. jessica says:

    Please god, please make the 3AM Sleepy Kumail Podcast starring Kumail and Pete imitating Kumail happen.


    I’ll pay to listen to it.

    For real.

  7. MisiFaye says:

    A note on Calvin and Hobbes as you were mentioning the cartoon. Check out google/wiki/bing and see how Calvin represents the philosophies of John Calvin, and Hobbes represents the philosophies of Thomas Hobbes…..It opens up a WHOLE new world on how incredibly cool the strip and Bill Waterson are. Pete, ALL of your favorite topics are covered in this strip! What happens when we die, why do we do what we do, lone wolf vs. lifetime mate….. It’s ALL there man. 🙂

  8. Val says:

    I am going to respond to the whole sex with condoms being less intimate portion of the podcast the way I would if I was with one of my guy friends at a bar and he said the same thing. Bullshit. I call bullshit. I am so over guys making women feel like assholes for wanting to have safe sex. If there is such a vast disparity of sensation between condom vs. condomless sex, why is there such a multitude of instances where condoms break during sex and neither person even notices? Has any man(or woman for that matter) with this pov ever considered that this lack of intimacy is all in your head, and has nothing to do with any real substantial difference in the way your genitals feel? Or that maybe you’re wearing an ill fitting condom? Love that Dan Savage was brought up in discussion, because he is a man who I feel makes it his business to be educated on sex and relationships, and very recently came out with his opinion on this matter, which lands squarely on my side. I would argue that even in a monagamous relationship shit happens. Mistakes of the unprotected sex with someone else variety get made. And as much as people like to believe that only a shitbag person would make said mistake, be too afraid to come out with it to their partner, and go back to “monagamous” sex with them like nothing happened, it ain’t true. Good people are subject to the fallability of the human condition. Condoms are just such a small concession to make for someone who is gonna let you fuck them. Get over it, put it on and enjoy, you’re having sex for Christ’s sake!

    This would be the time when there would be rebuttals, laughter and another round of drinks!

  9. Sarah says:

    I’ve often had a thought similar to Pete’s, about our lives being somebody else’s “netflix”, i.e. source of entertainment, or the way to experience what is beyond a perfect being’s capability. If the counter argument is “Why would someone choose a life of sorrow or pain?” I tend to think about truly talented actors (or true artists of any kind) who are compelled to delve into an emotion and explore it even if it’s negative. Like, why decide to go method and live as Daniel Plainview for an extended period of time? I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s solely about winning Oscars.

  10. Jack says:

    This podcast is more like 400 weeks long.

  11. Anon says:

    The comic discussed in the podcast. Although this one may be closer to reality:

  12. Josh says:

    Holy shit, that hardcore alien scene with shitty make-up that Pete describes near the end of the show had me laughing so hard…holy shit. Thank you!

    When they talk about being happy, I think it really points back to Joseph Campbell’s “follow your bliss”. I think those people with kids who never follow their dreams will be unhappy, and it sounds like Jordan has some fear that he will miss out on the benefits of a “normal” life. That’s why follow your bliss really nails it, cause your life will be right for you and you just have to avoid traps that others impose on you. Glad Pete is following his, and glad he’s putting this out for us all to listen and grow as well.

  13. Melissa says:

    loved every single moment of this episode!

  14. Andre says:

    30 seconds into the chat and this is the best podcast that’s ever happened to me. Thanks Pete!