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Episode 125: You Made It Weird
Iliza Shlesinger

You Made It Weird #125: Iliza Shlesinger

Iliza Shlesinger makes it weird!

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  1. choy says:

    [email protected] and Kumail’s ringtone – I was in TEARS. I also “hate everything she was saying” at that particular portion but, and I presume Pete meant it this way too, because it makes you feel a bit icky that all those things she was talking about ring true.

  2. Tillburg says:

    It makes me so happy to hear you happy, Pete. Never stop laughing and being happy!

  3. Steve says:

    This episode is awesome, I lost it at

    “Do you want to play again?”

    “I mean…. YEAH This is my show we can do whatever we want!!!!!!!!!!!”

  4. Tyler says:

    Tons of laughs in this one, but I was totally caught off guard by

    [IS] Do you like pain?
    [PH] I over-floss.
    [IS]Okay, Okay. Same thing.

    How the heck does that work? YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY AND I LOVE YOU!

  5. Indian-Weirdo says:

    came here to tell pete that i figured out who the girl is but … everyone did :'(

    pete, you forget the fact that your podcast is on a website called the ‘nerdist’ we can figure shit out.

    sorry it didn’t go so well but best of luck for the next time. 🙂

    and dont forget we are the family that we choose (old episode reference).

  6. Bill says:

    “Sex, Iliza and Dvd’s.”

  7. Danielle Davis says:

    Loved every minute of this podcast! I love the format of your podcast because it feels like you are just hanging out with friends and we are flies on the wall. So much honesty and great laughs in this one.

  8. Laura says:

    I find it shocking that everyone who listened to this didn’t find this entire podcast to be an absolute delight.

    It was so playful and vulnerable. More Gabbin’ like Gals episodes!

  9. John says:

    Howdy Pete. I think its on this one you mentioned that you were coming to the Melbourne Comedy Festival. It may be worth noting how us Australian’s pronounce the city. You’ve got to pronounce it ‘Melbin’ , kind of like the ‘in’ in Austin. Okay, you’ve been schooled. It was a delite.

  10. Kim says:

    Chevenee Reavis?

  11. Adam says:

    Idk if it was brought of in the rest of the episode but the ratio that Iliza was talking about is the golden ratio were many object in nature show this ratio or in many great building or works of art and even in what we believe is attractive in people. And the reason you learn math is because you need to know it and manly it more about learning how to think mathematically, logical, and critical thinking.

  12. davina says:

    As someone going through a similar journey through the single life, i completely relate to your perspectives on the “single” version of yourself and the “relationship” version of yourself, and the great debate as to whether or not the compromises of the relationship is truly worth it. And I have gone through that same debate as to whether or not lying is necessary to get your foot in the door with meeting a new person, or just stay true to yourself, (ie the ‘was the email a bad email?’ discussion). I really appreciate you’re honesty in discussing these subjects and letting the neurosis show, because it makes me feel sane that someone else has all these same thoughts and issues. You don’t try and paint yourself in some perfect light, you admit to the issue and it is what it is. And then you poke fun at it. I love it, and don’t ever lose that aspect!

  13. Emma says:

    You and Iliza are perfect together, please podcast as a duo all the time forever. Also, loving all the background Katie laughter this episode.

  14. Mr. Colson says:

    Pete, I really want you to have more women on the podcast. As a guy, I love hearing their perspectives and I feel you and I both learn a lot as you talk to them about deep and personal stuff. And vaginas. Vagina talk is good too. There are a lot of men on the show and while you have good conversations with them, every conversation with a woman has been phenomenal and a crown jewel in the You Made It Weird podcast. This episode was cringe worthy because it was honest and vulnerable and we respect you all the more. You put yourself out there for that water dot org lady and if she doesnt like you for your goofy self, then FUCK HER. Don’t have sex with her….just forget about her and move on.

  15. Pierre says:

    Comments that try to place specific episodes within a grand, IMIW narrative, make me feel weird.

  16. Ish says:

    Pete, your podcast is a bastion of honesty, compassion and kindness and we all love the way you explore issues fearlessly and without defensiveness or pretense. And that foundation makes this episode that much more cringe-worthy. I listen to your show religiously and I’ve loved every single word, this is the first episode I’ve ever not thoroughly loved and the spread was HUGE. I associate you with acceptance but this episode was full of hate and judgment, just full of it, from start to finish. Not “offensive jokes”, I tend to believe that unacceptably offensive jokes are very hard to come by, but rather just sincere, straight forward, oppressive judgement and hate presented wink-free. Be it women, genitalia, fat people, atheists, vegans, women women or women, tiny boxes were created on this show and humans were shoved roughly into them. I don’t think you would have come to any of the conclusions that were arrived upon were it not for your guest, so I hardly fault you, but the episode has me wincing all the way through regardless. Kudos for the resistance you offered to some of the more ignorant points, I think we all recognize your propensity to “yes and” rather than confront your guests or make them feel bad.

  17. Chuck says:

    Fantastic episode. For a moment there, it sounded like info at vista print wasn’t getting any love, so glad you two took a long moment to stop and relish that one.

    And remember the other week when your guest gave up a holiday in Sweden because he found the right girl and had to drop everyone else? Maybe Water dot org girl was the same. She got you on the day, but then someone better came up.

  18. Lilly says:

    i was really enjoying this episode when suddenly you started to talk about good/bad vaginas. i was all ears and thought to myself: please don’t say something nasty about the kind of vagina i have and YOU DID NOT! thank you pete! great. as the proprietor of big pussy lips, just made my day to hear ONE male say something nice about female genitalia hanging big.

  19. emily says:

    the email would have worked for anyone right for you. she’s not it. also it took 1 minute to figure out exactly who you were talking about…

  20. Lisa says:

    Pete – that e-mail was wonderful. The fact that she didn’t respond to it means she is NOT the girl for you . That’s it. Like Iliza said, it was pretty much YOU in an e-mail, and if she’s not feelin’ it, you guys weren’t gonna work out anyways. (Personally I would’ve been stoked to receive a wonderfully dorky and sweet e-mail like that, but I am weird.)

  21. Paul says:

    Pete, Iliza basically gave you a road map. Send her a pic of what you’re working with and then ask her out to Nobu. You guys vibed so well together. She almost friendzoned you on the episode…I think there’s a chance here. TAKE IT PETE!

  22. Ben says:

    I loved this episode. Great chemistry!