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Episode 117: You Made It Weird
Todd Glass

You Made It Weird #117: Todd Glass

Todd Glass comes on the show and makes it weird!

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Why Nick Fury Really Called Captain Marvel in INFINITY WAR

Why Nick Fury Really Called Captain Marvel in INFINITY WAR

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Geophysicist Defends Licking Rocks in THE LAST JEDI

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You Can Adopt Dogs Too Friendly for Government Work



  1. Bi the way, I think Todd should milk (Harvey Milk) the shit out of being a “straight looking” gay man. That should be his hook.

  2. Thanx to Pete and Todd, and then Pete and Sara Shaefer, and then Pete and Nikki Glaser for talking to me while I shoveled and shoveled and fucking shoveled.
    Andy Crawford
    Western Bergen County NJ

  3. Tyler says:

    Really liked Todd’s comment about being at the gates and having someone say “but you didn’t do it in God’s name.” Wouldn’t it be a greater good, in a sense, for a person to do good for good’s sake rather than out of concern for a higher power’s favor?

  4. Tyler says:

    Hey now, I’d put Mila pretty high on my list! 🙂

  5. Andrea says:

    I’m listening to your mindset on animal meat, you can watch a great documentary on the subject for free at

  6. laura says:

    One starfish at a time. <3

    Go to and click on meetyourmeat to see the Alec Baldwin video.

    My vegan cookies are moist. My vegan cupcakes melt in your gdamn mouth.

  7. Long time listener, first time commenter:
    I’ve noticed at least twice (most recently in the Todd Glass podcast) that Pete has had problems being called out for using the word ‘pussy’. If you look at the etymology, pussy has two primary origins. One from German meaning ‘pocket’ or ‘vulva’. The other origin is from Latin’s ‘pusillanimous’ meaning ‘tiny spirit’ or ‘lacking courage’. It’s the second definition that grew into the insult. I don’t know if it makes it right, but a similar situation is if someone visiting from England asks someone at the bar if he can ‘bum a fag’. Personally, I have that initial sting of disgust from the word ‘fag’, but realize the context and move on. On the other hand, the swastika was an ancient Hindu symbol meaning ‘being with higher self’, but you don’t see anyone trying to defend it’s ‘true’ meaning.
    My point is: if someone gives you trouble for calling someone a pussy (depending on how you’re using it) you can educate them. However, you may risk sounding like a smug asshole, which is what I’m thinking I sound like right now.

  8. Nick says:

    YES. Two of my favorite hosts on one podcast. Todd Glass was one of the ones I was hoping to hear on YMiW. Now you just have to get an interview with Kaie, then Obama and my top 3 YMiW fantasy list is complete! Now get to the rest of the Nerdist. It would put an interesting perspective on their shows. Regrettably, there are a handful of Nerdist podcasts I’ve never listened to, I think the interviews would give me the push to take on more shows than I have time for.

  9. Megan says:

    I’ve listened to this podcast for a while but never commented. There were so many little things in this one that I connected to though!

    As a non-confrontational person, I really appreciated your weighing of the merits and flaws of dealing with problems from that perspective. It was also nice to hear acknowledgment that most Catholics over the age of 6 don’t actually believe in terms of “pearly gates” or “man in the sky.”

    Todd, your dinner parties sound amazing! Thank you both for an awesome free podcast 🙂

  10. laurabandypants says:

    “Nine loads! That’s a lot of laundry!” Dying. DYING. Love the energy of this episode.

  11. onreload says:


    i think you came off as nice. i’m really bad at doing that, actually.

    i gotta really focus on this episode. i love both of these guys and their shows, but you can’t space out for a second or you lose track

  12. Joe Lounge says:

    Two best Nerdist podcast hosts in one podcast. That’s what I’m talking about…FREE PODCAST.

  13. bastien says:

    2:92:21?! That’s a whole lotta weird! AND IT’S A FREE PODCAST!

  14. John G. says:

    You see, Todd is a nice guy. When he thinks about picking up the shit in the yard, and he worries over it, that’s a nice guy.

    You, Pete, I can’t ever see doing that. You’re the guy enraged that some mexican has parked in your driveway, and infuriated that you didn’t get an apology.

    Todd doesn’t have to say that he’s a nice guy. You tell us you’re a nice guy all the time. See the difference?

  15. Brad says:

    Have a large day! Great episode, really touching discussions all around. I want to go to a silly dance party at Todd’s house!

  16. Jeff MacDonald says:

    Sorry, don’t know why I need to comment, but I hear this so much that I just can’t take it anymore.

    Pete mentioned in passing when talking about how long we have been omniverous, that we started as chimpanzees. Just for clarities sake, I have to say that chimpanzees are not an ancestor of humans. We share a common ancestor (around 7 million years ago), but we are not directly related.

    Again, sorry for being a smartass, but I hear it too often and I want to educate those that don’t know.

  17. Paige says:

    My dream is to silly dance at one of Todd’s dinner parties.

  18. Mark says:

    Ahh, good ol’ Suckmypuss.

  19. Eric says:

    Yes! Iv’e been waiting for this to be released since Todd mentioned it on his show. Bring on the weird!