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Episode 107: You Made It Weird
Ari Shaffir

You Made It Weird #107: Ari Shaffir

Ari Shaffir (Skeptic Tank podcast! Comedy! Revenge For The Holocaust CD!) is a wonderful and interesting, insightful guest and a super fun and long-anticipated trip. PLEASE ENJOY, YOU WEIRDOS. Pete did. Now you?

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  1. mike says:

    i dont know what it is, but you talk about sex way more with jewish guests. im not jewish, but now i think jewish people are just SEXY!

  2. D.P. says:

    Another tidbit or question: The thing that I always hated is that there was a big junk of Jesus’ life missing from the Bible. I always wondered, maybe you have too, if the time he spent missing from the Bible he was being a “human”. Doing every possible sin he could think of, being a rebllious child towards his Father and then at the end of his life, he finally made it. He understood what it meant to be a human and how to love yourself and others through the BS that we get ourself into or that this life throws at us. Maybe that is why we’re here. To learn and understand in this world to prepare us for the next. No true hell or heaven, just another stage of evolution that we keep going through until we get closer and closer to God, I guess.

  3. D. P. says:

    I listen to your podcast recently and from the eps I’ve listened you do stay consistent with the themes of God, sex, relationships, etc. I like it. I like hearing a lot of people’s evolution of being “just human” but this podcast kind of hit me a different way. I guess because the same idea kept going back and forth between you and Ari, that God placed these laws on people. DId He/She/They? Not trying to debate religion but I do want to share with you the thoughts that your conversation spawned in my mind. Technically the thought has always been there it just went Supernova on this podcast.
    I never put much stock into the Bible or any other religious book because I had too many questions and the answer that they referred to was always TOO BLACK AND WHITE BUT SEEMED SO GRAY (does that make sense?). In the end at the age of 14, I think, I had this thought that all of us who are religious and follow whatever book we follow are an affront to God. We used/use a book to justify how we treat people for the differences that make us “human”. We don’t give God enough credit to say, “If I, a human can evolve and grow and learn in this world to understand” why can’t a deity that exist outside of time and space. A deity who gave us life? I felt like we don’t give God enough credit that as a human I can give birth to a child that I love so much, provide for their wants and needs but when that child does something that I don’t approve of I can evolve and understand that I still love them for whatever faults they have. They will still be welcomed into my home. So would God deny me from His if I’m His child? A lot of your guest just go with the concept of God is straight BS (mind you I haven’t listed to ALL of your eps so far) but I would like to hear one just wonder if God evolves with us. That’s all… this is pure mind throw up as I work 3rd shift. Thanks for the podcast

  4. Miranda says:

    This is by far my favorite podcast, I love ya Pete, keep up the good work. That said, for the first time I couldn’t finish the episode. I found it to be incredibly self-indulgent and dripping with close-minded, sweeping generalizations that were so frustrating to listen to. In real life, I would never have a pandered to someone like Ari, who clearly thinks that everyone who doesn’t agree with him is a moron. I feel like in order to win someone over to a way of thinking you must first have respect for who they are. All I heard was disrespect, and I have a lot of the same worldviews! Ugh… I need to stop typing. Anyway, I really appreciate this podcast and I’ll be a fan no matter what.

  5. Joe Molony says:

    Awsome, you need to get Joe Rogan in to make it weird.

  6. Lisa says:

    Hey Petey Pants – You should consider putting out new episodes Tuesday and Friday, rather than Wednesday and Friday. I absolutely LOVE that you give us two new episodes a week, but man it’s a long time in between Friday and then the next Wednesday again!! Think about it and, as always, remain crispy!!

  7. M says:

    I absolutely loved this episode until Ari joked about Tori Amos being raped. Honestly, I did not expect that, and it’s definitely the kind of rape joke that is not okay. 🙁

  8. Slag says:

    I love the 1 on 1 but this was slow and methodical torture. It was like being at a diner with 3 guys who are hopped up on gin, speed and bitterness and talk over each other ripshit for 3 hours…..and your on the inside seat.
    I would be mugging and mouthing like Al Jolson “mammy” to the people passing outside the window to the street where they walk and talk freely and thinking how many hits it would take with my cranium to break through leaving the guys thinking “what the fuck was his problem?
    10 hits, 50 hits, 100? All would be a necessary alternative to the panic that ensues when you feel your inner troglodyte coming forth from your pit of your bowels. Love ya

  9. bridget says:

    Pete! I’m glad you stood your ground, and I think you should continue to believe in the possibility of finding the kind of relationship you want. In my life, I have seen a lot of messed up relationships. But I’ve also seen a great one with undying love. My grandfather and grandmother were true partners. 10 years after her death, he still talks about his sweetheart, and ignores every woman in his small town. Their relationship inspires me and keeps me holding on.
    There is nothing wrong with having casual sex, but if it isn’t right for you, then it isn’t right. I used to complain when I went through a dry spell, but then friends would remind me that I had plenty of opportunities, I just didn’t capitalize on them because there wasn’t a spark. It’s okay to look for your spark!
    And there are plenty of A+’s out there. Be an A+ too! I feel like I’m one, and I’m okay with waiting until I find the one for me. Until then, I’ll crush on you via podcast on the Westside.

  10. kate says:

    i love ari’s stand-up and think he is a total charm factory. but just as much as relationships can fail and be built on bullshit sometimes relationships do last for 20 years and peeps be happy and monogamous. marriage promises nothing, it’s the pairing of people that can work or not work and it’s just insecurity to force these sweeping definitions of human relations being all bullshit or all romance.

    reality is ambiguous and inconsistent. figure out how to tolerate the ambiguity ari because it’s not going anywhere!

  11. Alec says:

    Re: dismissive dynamics in marriage


  12. Robert says:

    Powerful Ari Shaffir! Great pod guys!

  13. amysrevenge says:


  14. Kevin C says:

    Well that was depressing…

  15. A says:

    Even if God exists, you would still rely upon your soup of values/emotions/sensations. After all, what additional contribution will an existing God bring to your life but a definite layer of consequences? Nothing will relieve the fact that all actions emerge from this insular skin soup.

  16. Clay says:

    Pete great ep!

    This, like many other eps, brought to mind a bit of a “There Will Be Blood” idea to my head. I grew up protestant and grew out of it early in my youth due to a multitude of reasons. But in hearing, around the 1/2 way point, you and Ari talk about the messed up nature of being born something…I always want to ask people who are in my face about praying for me why don’t you just admit that you’re concept of a god is an unjust one? It is the easier option, it may be the undoing of your faith and rationale but it is the truer path when you think of the meaning of justice.

    Furthermore thank you for bringing up the curvy ladies! I gots lots of love for all the ladies but I enjoy the discussion it was excellent!

  17. Lisa says:

    Curvy, tattooed girl checkin’ in here! Confirmed, we do love you! 🙂 Haha, also the new “my good friend Chelsea Peretti” is definitely “I’ve said this on the show before”.

  18. Misi says:

    love, Love, LOVE the longest episode ever and ALSO not realizing how long it had gone on. I ALWAYS feel sad at the end and heard it coming, but then didn’t even realize that you just kept on going. LOVE that. Great job and keep up the ADVENTURE! You’re just doing GREAT. (at ALL of it)
    and you make me smile.

  19. Al says:

    The Golden Rule, as usually stated, is also deeply narcissistic. “What would I want if I were doing this to me?” Eventually, you will have conflict because you are you, and not others.

    Although, even if you tried to consider the perspective of others, you still have to reference your own soup of emotions and values.

  20. Erick says:

    This probably is the darkest episode I’ve heard from you Pete. Relationships, death, and snuggies…left me existential. Loved it!!

  21. Josh says:

    I was going to make a case for marriage, but think it’s better put to just say “don’t give up Pete!” There isn’t just fuck guys and monogamy guys, there’s just guys who give up at different times. We’re talking about comedians with some level of success who can get ass with relative ease. So, these “fuck guys” are just dudes who can get easy ass and are starting to give up on changing themselves. Failed marriages are held by “monogamy guys” who like the comfort of a wife and give up on growing as people. You’re just talking about selfish people who don’t want to work on a relationship cause it’s hard.
    I think we’re caught up on the term marriage, so let’s drop that off in the history books along with not blowing out fucking candles for fear of damnation. But to use a popular phrase, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. We’re talking about building a partnership with someone who you will grow with and your love will grow beyond what you currently understand. You are born to your mother and father and have a deep connection to them based on genes. This is building a even stronger bond with someone you choose. There’s no reason to rush or even do it if you don’t feel it, but it’s worthwhile. And it’s not about having someone on a couch for the heimlich maneuver. You could hire a whore to stick around and do that and still fuck you when you like.
    Anyways, I think Pete should keep pursuing and growing and if he ever is completely ready to become a father I think he’ll do well. I just think keep fucking away, but don’t actually give up on something more meaningful if it comes along.

  22. Tzvi says:

    Great episode, really got a lot out of it. My take on Ari’s question: because consent is everything, the golden rule isn’t sufficient. It isn’t enough to do on to others what you would have them do to you, because we all like different things for different reasons. We all would prefer if others would check in before involving us with there bullshit. It is what makes a good guest, or a good host, checking in to see if its okay. I am not saying a boring robotic interaction but you can figure out what I mean. And not doing this ignores the other persons feelings, and the affect of the other persons feelings on you.

    pete, don’t know how often you read these, but for your 150th or 200th episode could you interview Kate about you and this show? Or even better get your shrink to interview Kate about you and this show?

  23. Sheila says:

    For Ari’s question on why to avoid hurting others when doing what you want: I think that’s what makes you a considerate person. Humans have the capacity for empathy and concern. You can be nice or be a douche.

  24. Kevin says:

    Wow…could this be a record? 2:43? Wow.

    Just FYI: “…kickin’ it with kitty Jesus…” nearly made me spit my water.