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Episode 103: You Made It Weird
Jonathan Katz and Tom…
You Made It WeirdYou Made It Weird

You Made It Weird #103: Jonathan Katz and Tom Snyder

Jonathan Katz (Explosion Bus! Comedy Central’s Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist!) and his writing partner Tom Snyder (amazing science mind AND comedy mind!!) laid down one of the most interesting and dynamic YMIWs of all time. What a weird journey that Pete sincerely hopes you enjoy as much as he did (which is a ton). Lotta laughing, lotta learning, lotta loving. GET INTO IT, WEIRDOS!!

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  1. Jason says:

    Pete getting killed by crispies at the end was the perfect wrap up. Great episode.

  2. Dave says:

    Germ – it is an inarguable issue. Afterlife is a 50% chance. What does it hurt if someone takes comfort in the idea that it is a possibility?

  3. chad says:

    Tom Synder sounds so much like Bryan Cranston. A very decent podcast. Good job Pete.

  4. jimjim says:

    great one pete! thanks Dr Katz and Tom. Living legends

  5. nick says:

    way to not get it, germ.

  6. Germ says:

    The ‘this life makes as much sense as an afterlife’ idea is idiotic. We have overwhelming EVIDENCE for the reality and history of human life and evolution. And there are literally trillions of galaxies so the fact that life formed on a tiny fraction of a percent of planets is not incredible. We have ZERO EVIDENCE for an afterlife. Stop making this dumb brainwashed xian argument.

    But otherwise good ep.

  7. manwiththeplant says:

    the most casual and the second most casual “keep it crispy” ever

  8. shamey says:

    GooD TiMes aT the ol’ ClerMont ….

  9. lookleftandsmile says:

    fuck yah – pete went to the Clermont! atlanta’s best!!

  10. This was a really fun episode. I am shocked at how quickly it passed! Katie is awesome btw!! I love this podcast more and more with every episode!

  11. mitchell b says:

    pete the thing you say on the show most is ”i know ive said this on the show before.”

  12. Marc says:

    i love love love the podcast.

    but dear lord pete, you don’t know who tom snyder is? and you talk over both of them the entire podcast?

    have some humility, my friend.

  13. Veronica B in Portland says:

    Pete, the dive bar you went to in Atlanta is the legendary Clermont Lounge. I had what was probably the best NYE of my life in that joint. Anyway, I enjoyed the podcast and can’t wait to see you in Portland next month!

  14. jsl says:

    Good episode. Love Jonathan Katz

  15. Sheila says:

    Wow, I didn’t know Jonathan Katz has MS! That sucks. Sounds like he’s doing okay, though.

  16. paulo says:

    The two hours just flew by. Probably the most enjoyable podcast I have heard. Just delightful. Love Dr. Katz!

  17. laura says:

    I haven’t heard the mellifluous voice of Jonathan Katz since I was a youngster who was obsessed with Dr.Katz Professional Therapist, and i am super enjoying it straight out the gate. Yay!

    Katie’s laugh is extra super precious here!