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Episode 1: You Made It Weird
Kumail Nanjiani

You Made It Weird #1: Kumail Nanjiani

It’s the premiere episode of You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes! Everybody has secret weirdness, Pete Holmes gets comedians to share theirs.

There’s plenty weird about my hilarious friend Kumail Nanjiani to get the show started off right! I’ve been good friends with Kumail for ten years so we’re able to go deep into his comedy (specifically how his early voice was so different from his style now), his marriage (Kumail is one of the few young, married comedians I know) and his thoughts on religion. Buckle up for weirdness!

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  1. Tillburg says:

    Maybe someday we’ll see Kumail’s smiling face next to the YMIW logo. I can only dream…

  2. Loreley says:

    Hey! German sweets are the best. They beat your degenerate American twinkies and marshmallows any time, Holmes! You have so much more to learn.

  3. Justin says:

    Don’t worry Kumail, I’ll remember forever so you got at least a good couple decades of life after death. 😀

  4. josh says:

    Great podcast! Pete and Kumail were two of the guys I really liked seeing at the Lyon’s Den back when I lived in Chicago. I’m glad there was a mention of Dan Kaufman, who was another favorite of mine. Looking forward to more episodes!

  5. Lucy says:

    So good! You could have kept talking longer, I was fascinated.

  6. Rob P says:

    one of the worst shows ever on tv .

    VIP – with pamela anderson.
    thats where you got it from holmes

  7. Fred says:

    Awsome podcast. Who’ll be the next guest?

  8. Christian says:

    Very true, sweets is something you can’t compare per cultures, it really is an acquired taste.

  9. tom says:

    GREAT GREAT episode loved it

  10. Ryan says:

    Great show! One of my new favorites.

  11. Greg says:

    This is great! Keep it up guys, I gonna go find some chuck f#cks this weekend.

  12. Dano says:

    Great podcast!

  13. ArtChemist says:

    Japanese make great sweets! Haven’t you heard of Beard Papa?

  14. Justin says:

    This is a great addition to the Nerdist family, and an awesome host for a podcast. I’m excited to see who all Pete will have on here as guests. Great job keep it up!