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You Can’t Stop This Cow, You Can Only Hope To Contain Her

Not the Cow in Question

Everyone loves animals here, and Chris Hardwick himself provided the voice of Otis on “Back to the Barnyard,” so how about the story of the Unkillable Cow who attacked a guy on his farm?

The Fort Pierce Tribune reports that 70-year-old Oscar Wilcox of Port St. Lucie, Florida was fixing a fence in the pasture when the cow went after him.  Wilcox shot the cow.  It kept attacking.  He dropped the gun, a .22, and that’s when his wife Rose came to the rescue, driving up in her truck and ramming the cow several times to get her away from Oscar.  Rose then took the gun and shot the cow in the face, which repelled but didn’t kill the cow.  Oscar ended up in critical condition; his wife says the cow has “always been nasty.”

And, apparently, invincible.  That’s one tough cow.

Image: Nickelodeon

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  1. matt peake says:

    their skin is not made of leather FFS! their skin is turned into leather sheesh man D’UH

  2. Seconding Bou. Dairy bulls in particular are extremely violent; should you ever be in the company of a real-life Otis, just assume they’ll try and kill you. Never… never f*k around with cattle.

    And in a further fit of bovine-related geekery, I just have to say that every time Chris talks about Otis being a “male cow with udders”, it sends me into an epileptic nerd seizure of animal-related grammarian fury. A cow only has one udder. They’re divided into pairs of mammary glands (commonly called “quarters”), each of which milks separately with its own teat (which every dairyman I know calls “tits”). One udder, nerdlings. One udder.

  3. Bou says:

    People have no idea how aggressive cows can be. I grew up on a beef farm, and we were regularly chased by the damn things, especially during calving season. My husband discovered that not only can cows run, they can haul ass when they’re pissed. Cow tipping is a myth that’ll get you killed if you step in with the wrong herd.

  4. Defunct says:

    My grandfather raised cows. Said they could be aggressive, he always carried a pistol when around them.

  5. dave says:

    A .22 is a tiny round, it’s like a mosquito to a cow. Plus, their skin is made of leather!

  6. danxtheman says:

    this is awesome. thank you soooo much for sharing (in a non-sarcastic way)

  7. swagers says:

    I saw a video a while back of a cow that got its face ripped off by a train and was able to still walk around, and by face I mean everything but the brain. It was a gory video so I’m not going to look it up again.