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X-FILES Creator Chris Carter’s Amazon Series THE AFTER Gets Scrapped

X-FILES Creator Chris Carter’s Amazon Series THE AFTER Gets Scrapped

Aww well shucks, that stinks. The king of all things supernatural, purveyor of all the truth that’s out there, Chris Carter, has parted ways with Amazon Studios and their pick-up of his intended series, The After. Noooo what happened, you guys?

The X-Files creator’s intended series was picked up by Amazon back in March — after airing the pilot on the platform in February — and received a lot of positive feedback from folks who streamed the episode online (it’s part of their process; show the pilots to the masses on Amazon Prime in order to figure out the series with which they should move forward).

“We have decided to not move forward with The After,” explained Roy Price, VP of Amazon Studios, in a statement. “We would like to thank Chris Carter, the phenomenal cast, crew and producers for all their efforts.”

For those not in the know, the drama focused on eight strangers forced to survive an explanation-defyingly violent world. It starred a fairly impressive ensemble cast that included Adrian Pasdar, Sharon Lawrence, Jamie Kennedy, Aldis Hodge, Andrew Howard, Arielle Kebbel, Sam Littlefield, Louise Monot, and Jaina Lee Ortiz. Carter explained at the last Television Critics Association press tour that he was using Dante’s Inferno as his inspiration point.

So — who else is kinda/sorta bummed about all this? What with the success (and general goodness) of series like Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle, our hopes for Amazon’s increased original content slate was growing exponentially. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Rileigh says:

    Dang, I thought this one could have potential to be a great show. 

  2. redheadsara says:

    I watched a bunch of the Amazon prime pilots, and The After was the only one that really stayed with me. I kept wondering about the characters and what the heck had happened in that version of the world. I’m disappointed. 

  3. Azerack says:

    I wasn’t too sure about this one, anyway. Seemed very Shamalamian… I would have preferred a reboot of The River, anyway (I know, different team, but still… )

    • JohnS says:

      Is that your way of saying “I didn’t want to watch it, because it is over my head?” Seems that way.

  4. sam says:

    and that’s why I don’t watch those pilot epis on Amazon until there is a whole season.  6 seasons and a movie or I don’t watch!  

  5. mwruger says:

    This is the one I most wanted to succeed.  Transparent did nothing for me and Mozart In the Jungle was OK, but nothing that screamed watch me.

    Too bad. I really liked the bibical post apocalyptical ideas it was toying with. 

  6. Ryan says:

    Well damn. That’s a bummer. 

  7. Gina says:

    Probably has to do with cost. Chris doesn’t do small very well.

    • It sucks that it all comes down to money, but … it all comes down to money. Amazon probably looked at how many people were streaming the pilot, haggled over the cost per episode, dickered over the size of the cast and said, “This ain’t gonna work.” (I like to imagine that the folks at Amazon Prime sound like Mississippi car mechanics. I don’t know why.)