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Won’t Somebody Get GAME OF THRONES’ Aimee Richardson a New Princess Job, Please?

Poor, poor Myrcella Baratheon. First she was shipped off to Dorne against her will, and now she’s being removed from the show completely. OK, well sorta. Not the newly cast one — her name is Nell Tiger Free — but Aimee Richardson, the original actress who’s played the female Lannister incest baby for the past few seasons on the HBO series. As we all learned at the Game of Thrones Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the role has been stripped and given to a slightly older actress as the series readies for its new set of plays, ploys, plots, and potential sexytimes (because this is Game of Thrones after all). But now that means poor Aimee Richardson is now out of a job. Please, won’t somebody think of the princesses?!

Richardson posted this adorable Vine on the Internet a few days ago and we couldn’t think of a better way to do the girl a solid than share her availability with the rest of the world. So here’s a signal boost, girl. Any other princess-y shows looking for princesses? (We’re looking at you, ABC’s Once Upon a Time.)

What makes it all so much sadder? She has a history of making equally as charming response videos to her Lannister familial doings from this past season (Spoilers! Obviously!):

What do you think of HBO’s decision to age-up and recast Myrcella Baratheon in the fifth season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[HT: The A.V. Club]

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  1. Egg says:

    Maybe Richardson couldn’t do a British accent?

  2. boB says:

    FREE AIMEE RICHARDSON!  FREE AIMEE RICHARDSON!   …wait, I think I misread this article.

  3. Hang on…Richardson is being replaced with Free? Isn’t Richardson two years older than Free?

    • Mayu says:

      says on Wiki Free was born in 1999. that means Free will be 15 in October (so she’s still 14) and it says on twitter that Richardson is at the end of 16 (so she’s almost 17). Sooooo kind of confusing as to why they’d replace her with a younger actress…