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Woman Chokes At Comedy Show

This clip was sent to me by my dear friend Jamie Kaler (who’s on TBS’s My Boys).

We did a podcast together the other day called Road Stories, on which Jamie recounts the tale of how a woman almost choked to death at a show he was doing in Columbus, Ohio. Turns out, HE VIDEOED THE WHOLE THING.

Couple-a sidenotes:

1) The woman ends up being ok
2) As a performer who has steeplechased his way through all sorts of potential show-stoppers, this wins by a lot

Kudos to you, Jamie Kaler, for the most sadlariously fawkward clip of the week!

Follow @jamiekaler on the tweets.

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  1. Laura says:

    Wow. Well handled & recovered from. So glad he didn’t try to make a joke while the lady was actually in trouble; he would have looked like such a douche. Some stand-up comics would have (they seem to think being an asshole is funny).

  2. That is crazy! I love Jamie Kaler! He was also on an episode of HIMYM. Very funny in that. However, unfortunately it should say previously on TBS’ My Boys as the show has been canceled. Shame, but hopefully that means we’ll see him on more mainstream things?

  3. Scrufy 1 says:

    dude… i love how he just stares at her and she almost dies and he just looks at the camera and he just like ‘bitch almost died at my show man, best thing ever’ LMFAO

  4. Kronos says:

    Next time someone needs to actually die. If he could recover, then he would be a god of comedy. Also, chewing and laughter don’t mix well. Think about that Ohians!

  5. Don says:

    Worst. Heckler. Ever.

    (glad she’s okay…)

  6. DJMattB241 says:

    Wow, he handled that REALLY well! Well done, sir!