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What Does Wolverine’s Return to Marvel Comics Mean For the MCU?

He’s back! After three years, and so many alternate versions, Marvel’s most popular mutant hero has escaped the great beyond. This week’s Marvel Legacy #1 revealed that someone very powerful has gone through the trouble of resurrecting Wolverine, while setting him up to claim an Infinity Stone. The answers to that mystery will have to wait, however, because today’s Nerdist News is looking into what Logan’s return could mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Join host, and the living embodiment of the Soul Stone, Jessica Chobot, as she walks us through the implications of Marvel Legacy‘s big returns. Because it’s not just Wolverine who made a surprise appearance. The issue broadly hints that the Fantastic Four are also on their way back, even though Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman still haven’t been seen since the end of Secret Wars.

Although Marvel has repeatedly denied this, former Fantastic Four writer Jonathan Hickman confirmed that one of the main reasons Fantastic Four was canceled was over friction between Marvel and Fox. That may also be the reason that Wolverine was put on ice for three years, although it was highly suspicious that an Old Man Logan was introduced to the modern Marvel Universe just as Logan made its way to the big screen. But what are the implications for the MCU?

The wildest theory is that X-Men movie fans aren’t ready to accept a new actor as Wolverine, so perhaps Fox would be willing to lend him out for Avengers: Infinity War or its currently untitled sequel. That seems somewhat unlikely, but it is something that Hugh Jackman has lobbied for in the past. If anything could coax him back to the role, it would be a chance to appear alongside the Avengers.

After the ice cold reception received by the last Fantastic Four film, many fans and critics have called on Fox to enter into a shared custody agreement with Marvel Studios. It seems to have worked out well for Sony and Marvel, since Spider-Man: Homecoming was one of the biggest hits of the summer. But there are rumors that Fox would rather try to reboot the FF films using Mark Millar’s Kindergarten Heroes as a guide rather than play nice with Marvel.

And yet, bringing back the Fantastic Four characters is a pretty big step for Marvel. The same is true about Wolverine’s return. Maybe it means that Marvel doesn’t feel the need to bury these characters anymore. But on a more hopeful note, we’d love to see it as a sign that the two companies are more open to cooperating in the near future. If the Fantastic Four and the X-Men are ever allowed into the MCU, it would make us very happy!

Do you want to see Wolverine in the Avengers movies? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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