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WIRED Live Expo, With Chris Hardwick, Coming To D.C. in November

Chris Hardwick, the proprietor of this very site, is involved with a new event being announced today that might be quite relevant to your interests. It’s called the “WIRED Live Expo,” it’s about the latest in tech, and it’s coming to Washington, D.C. November 15-18. 2012. And it sounds great, so let’s look at what’ll be happening:

The show is going to feature almost 200 exhibitors across 50,000 square feet, showing off the latest in science, technology, music, fashion, cars, space travel, entertainment, computers, mobile phones, and more, with booths (and stuff you can try and buy) in five zones, Live, Work, Thrive, Play, and Go. (You go check out Play; I’ll go look at Work and see if they have anything that will add hours to the day, because that’s what I need right now) In addition to that, there’ll be a conference track, at which you’ll find some of the more prominent innovators in the field. For example, NASA is planning a half-day program, “Space: The Eternal Frontier,” while Epicurious is signed up to offer the “Kitchen of the Future” with demonstrations, group workshops, and cooking classes, and Autodesk’s “Maker Zone” is where you can go and build and create stuff.

Chris? He’ll be the spokesperson for the show. He’ll be appearing on November 17th, with details to be disclosed soon; will let you know about that and ticket sales (which start by the end of this month) when that information’s available. In the meantime, you are going to want to sign up for reminders and ticket information by clicking here, follow them on Twitter (@WIREDLIVEexpo, and Like them on Facebook, because November will be here before you know it.

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  1. Ubuntourist says:

    Although still referred to in several online calendars and other sites, this appears to be dead. Everything I search for brings me back to a generic “Marketplace Events” web site. No actual info on the WIRED Live Expo itself.

  2. Jeffrey G says:

    I love living so close to DC!

  3. I want to go!! But it is the weekend of the last football game of the season. Once again I need either a TARDIS or Time Turner!!

    I hope I am able to head over on the Sunday.

  4. Pat says:

    LOVE WIRED! This show sounds awesome! Can’t wait to check out what sounds like innovation heaven and see CHRIS H. to boot! Woot Woot! Buying tickets once they go on sale later this month. YAY! {I heart nerdist}

  5. Karla says:

    This sounds exciting!! Can’t wait till november rolls around!

  6. Karla says:

    This sounds exciting!!