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Windshield Conversions



After a long day, I slowly dragged my feet to the car and slumped into my seat. I shut the door, buckled up and was about to turn on the ignition when… BAM! I notice an advertisement for “The Rug Spa” stuck to my windshield. I then get back out of my car (which is really more exercise than I care to do) and rip the card from my windshield. Next, I read the card and decide I HATE The Rug Spa for making me get out of my car.

This has happened to me numerous times, as I’m sure it’s happened to you. Usually, it’s for psychics who don’t have the foresight to realize how many people don’t want a card stuck to their window. After all these years I’ve NEVER picked up one of these cards and thought, “Finally! The master clairvoyant I’ve been looking for!” I mean, is this really a conducive means of advertising??

Okay, Nerdist poll: Have any of you ever picked up the phone and called a company that advertised on your windshield?

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Image: Flickr/Jason Morrison

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  1. DreamTheEndless says:

    Never. Not ever.

    (I have however, placed them… They were band fliers and I would get in free to some small local shows as long as I did all the cars in the parking lot during the show. I was 16 at the time. It seemed like a good deal at the time…)

  2. comparsa says:

    I agree with stepdub (minus the silly outburst at the end). I like my Nerdist blog posts sans author picture and with some nerdy content.

  3. DT says:

    Never with good intent. I have prank called but never actually responded

  4. stepdub says:

    Has anyone pointed out how dumb it is that she’s the only person on the site who has a picture of herself below every post? I’M ATTRACTIVE PLEASE READ THIS

  5. Hurricane Ditka says:

    Luckily, people don’t use flyers to advertise in Middle America.

    On a sadder note, there are no bands or clubs to go to either…….

  6. Magnoliafan says:

    yeah i did and the girl who showed up looked nothing like the girl on the flyer

  7. CraftyGeek says:

    I’m about as likely to call or visit a business that flyers my car as I am to consider attending a college/institute that advertises on basic cable. So, not very.

  8. Scott says:

    Every once in awhile I will get one for a band or club event in the area that I will go to. As far as businesses advertising their services, a Chinese restaurant in the area will put their delivery menus on cars. I use those as well.

  9. Of course not!! Although it would be fun to crank call them incessantly until they learn not to advertise that way! 🙂

  10. Gavin says:

    I once was the lot attendant where a guy kept coming and putting his business card in people’s windows. Not the windshield, but in the window above the door handle. After sucking a many of them into the door accidentally by rolling down the window (and having to dismantle the door to get the window working again), I decided to start collecting them for a few hundred cars every day. I ran them through the company’s hole punch and, after two weeks, I had a nice collection of holey cards returned to the advertised business with a short note.
    He stopped covering our lot.

  11. Louis says:

    I only responded on a flyer for a band that was performing.

    But in the age where creating a fan/event page in a matter of minutes on Facebook, or creating a twitter account, flyers just seem irrelevant and a bit sad to me. There are obviously better methods to advertise, and this isn’t one of them anymore.

    If you’re doing it on windshields, then your probably a bit desperate.

    Thing about psychics is, why are they working AS psychics? If they knew what was going to happen in the future, I’m pretty sure they’d play the lottery, or be a respectable member of society, preventing murders.

    And as Adam Carolla would say, “My point is”, these are just desperate phonies who are trying to get a quick buck.

  12. JasonO says:

    I have never called a company who flyered my windshield. I would judge any company that used the kind of cheap labour required to paper all of the cars in a lot.

    Semi-unrelated but within the same realm I have changed cable and internet providers after being flipped of in traffic by an employee driving a company vehicle.