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Win LOST PLANET 3 Codes for Steam

When we first played 2007’s Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, we were interested in the spoken-about war between the humans attempting to colonize the new planet of E.D.N. III and the native insectoid creatures, the Akrid. But that was 150 years before the game started. And that’s why video games are awesome! In the newly-released Lost Planet 3, we get to jump in the Wayback Machine and see how things were when the sinister Neo-Venus Construction company (or NEVEC for short) first got into trouble with the big ugly bugs. The game follows Jim Peyton as he attempts to survive on the hostile and frigid new world, without the aid of a whole lot of weaponry but WITH the help of mechs with drills and cutting tools. That’ll make a buggy mess.

This third installment returns to the story-driven, third-person action of the first game, and gives players the chance to see a world in which NEVEC is still trying to help people before it all goes wrong. If this sounds like something that interests you, then you’ll be interested to hear that we’ve got five codes for the downloadable version of the game on Steam that we’d like to give to five lucky winners.

All you have to do is enter our contest on the page that is in this hyperlink. Then, once you’ve done that, make your way to our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages to give yourself extra chances to win. You’ll need to do this by midnight on Thursday, October 10th, 2013, or else you’ll be left out in the proverbial frozen wasteland, surrounded by insect aliens, without any way to defend yourself. That’s a proverb, we’re pretty sure.

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  1. Adrien Jones says:

    CS:GO, Amnesia, and Skyrim ftw!

  2. I would love to be able t play this, unfortunately I don’t have enough self assurance in myself to think I would win…….

  3. Joe Lambertz says:

    Ack! I need it. You wouldn’t say no to a guy in glasses, would you?

  4. mark Ostrowski says:

    Ugh! Lost on Earth…Good luck everyone!

  5. William Rohaly says:

    Pick Me!