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Which is More Deadly: The Snake or The Silicone?

Have you ever wanted to seductively lick a live snake? Me too, but now I see what a bad, bad idea this can be. I saw this video on Tosh.0 last night and it prompted me to a little digging.

I’m very sad to report the snake died shortly after from silicone poisoning. But I have a feeling this woman’s stupidity will live for a very long time. And remember people, wild animals/reptiles sometimes act like wild animals/reptiles. Don’t provoke them. And certainly don’t try to french kiss them.

UPDATE: It was pointed out by nerdist Katie that The Daily Mail, The Sun, Metro UK, and The New York Daily News and various other news outlets FALSELY reported the snake died. Sometimes the big guys don’t get it right. Glad I have you nerdists to always keep it real. But either way, never try to lick a snake…

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  1. Andrew says:

    more like tee tees

  2. Hurricane Ditka says:

    Did I hear one of the camera guys yell something like “he’s got her titties”? HAHA!

  3. DefconDan says:

    I still say the story title should have been: Eve’s REVENGE!!

  4. Lokey says:

    If the silicone didn’t get him…the herpes will.

  5. Katie says:

    sorry to be a buzzkill, but the snake didn’t die.
    “When the story first emerged on the BuzzMedia-owned gossip site Oh No They Didn’t, it was accompanied by a short caption containing this quip: “The snake later died from silicone poisoning.” “Really? Poor snake,” lamented a reader; “lmao I was joking!,” replied the article’s author. Only The Daily Mail didn’t know that when it picked up the line as fact for its “coverage” of the story.”
    “Bottom line: Your mom was right when she said “don’t believe everything you read, especially if it’s about poisonous boobs.””