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When The Laughter Stopped: ‘Community,’ The Murder Mystery

Dan Harmon himself tweeted, “This is great!,” so it has the master’s seal of approval: A fan, inspired by the Genre Swap meme on Tumblr, sliced up some scenes from “Community,” slapped a cover of “Creep” on it as a soundtrack, and presto, it’s “Community” as a drama, in movie trailer form:

HT: @danharmon, @wraparoundcurl

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  1. JM Bell says:

    Every time I see the YouTube still, it looks like Annie in a Kirk Chick costume and Joel as Pike from the pilot.

  2. Wade says:

    That is seriously streets ahead.

  3. Lucy says:

    This cover of Creep was the only thing that interested me in The Social Network trailer. Still haven’t seen the movie.

    And you can’t go wrong with Community. Ever.

  4. xenagogue says:

    Easily one of the best shows on television. Mrs. X and I routinely watch it “on demand”, so I fear we may be part of the demographic cutting from its view time ratings. Thankfully, no Nielsen box in sight.
    (There must be a better way to accurately gauge a shows viewership.)

  5. RobM says:

    I wonder if Abed’s dialogue, usually filled with meta references, would be really easy to put in a trailer like that (and thus I should commend their restraint), or because they’re so meta, they’d immediately break the trailer’s context.

    Just wondering, because I noticed Abed didn’t speak in the trailer.

  6. Chad H says:

    I pity the network exec that tries to cancel Community, the uproar that would ensue would make Libya look like a cafeteria food fight.

  7. Iaman says:

    Yes, the time slot has a HUGE influence, because Nielsen ratings are one of the only things that matter when networks decide which shows get to keep going and which ones get the axe. Nielsen is notoriously bad at incorporating Internet TV viewings in their ratings, so many shows (including Community and 30 Rock) take hits to their ratings because of that.

  8. karohemd says:


  9. Apaeter says:

    “I hope it survives the terrible time slot :/”

    TV shows have time slots? 🙂 I haven’t thought about the actual time a show comes on in years. I’ve recently discovered ustream and all that stuff, and I’ve had to get used to the idea of scheduled programming again. Terrible inconvenience. 🙂 Is the time slot going to have a huge amount influence, especially with Community’s (presumably) young demographics?

    Anyway, great video!

  10. Jesse says:

    I love when people make videos like this. If anyone’s wondering, Creep is being performed by the choral group Scala And Kolacny Brothers. It was also featured in the trailer for The Social Network.

  11. Corey l. Jackson says:

    I just love this show more and more

  12. Hahaha, that is fucking awesome!

  13. Robert says:

    This is Epic!
    I love the show btw…. I hope it survives the terrible time slot :/

  14. Phil says:

    2 tumbs up!!