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What You Missed By Not PlayingWhat You Missed By Not Playing

What You Missed By Not Playing THIEF


After a decade-long hiatus, Eidos Montreal brought their first-person stealth action franchise, Thief,  back to the frontiers of the gaming world. Quite a statement needed to be made, as other series like Dishonored had come in a set the bar much higher than it had been upon Thief‘s leave of absence. With the success of Deux Ex: Human Revolution, Eidos Montreal seemed pretty confident that they could recapture their place as the leading first-person stealth action title.

But even with Thief being the first big next-gen release of the year, many people missed out on it due to various mediocre reviews, meaning many may not be up to date with the franchises main man Garrett and his latest undertakings. If you are on of those people, then it might suit you well to tune in to Joshua Quail’s latest edition of What You Missed By Not Playing. In the video, Quail gives you a speedy rundown of all the worthy plot developments from the game, though it’s arguable that not many of those existed to begin with.

Thanks for the refresher Josh! If you still are wondering how this game measures up, you can check out my full review of Thief  right here

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  1. James Diehl says:

    Game sucked pure and simple 

  2. Nate says:

    The copy editor missed quite a bit in this post. There are no fewer than five errors in spelling/grammar and awkward/misleading sentences.

  3. Chimpinalls says:

    Everything about the tone of the new game was wrong. It was clearly made by people who didn’t appreciate what made the originals great. In fact it seemed to have contempt for the series.

    • Orionsangel says:

      While I enjoyed this game for what it was, I agree. It definitely didn’t feel like a Thief game. It didn’t have that medieval vibe. It reminded me more of the world in Dishonored.

      • Chimpinalls says:

        The main difference between the old games and this new one is that when I played the old ones it felt like my own story was unfolding. The new one felt like I was merely seeing the story they wanted to tell play out in the way they wanted it to. 
        Also, watching  the same animations a thousand times like when you have to button mash to open a window, the obviously marked climbable ledges and the onscreen prompts make it feel so much more “gamey” than the old ones.

  4. NLchemist says:

    I’m a huge fan of the old Thief games, but Garrett felt way too much like Robin Hood in this one.

    He’s always been an amoral thief who saved the world either because saving the world involved stealing something really cool, or because he was being blackmailed.

    It’d be common sense for any thief to avoid murder when possible, that draws way too much attention. Turning him into some sort of Batman “I never kill cause I’m better than those people” vigilante really turned me off this one.