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What The F Is This???? pt. 4: Bigfoot’s A-Comin’!!!

This looks like some kind of viral stunt, but I loves it!!! The only thing this is missing is Charlton Heston yelling at it to stay away from him. In any case, a press conference is being held later today that will supposedly tell the world what’s what about this discovery. Is there any room in our hearts for a seven and a half foot tall man-ape? Bigfeet everywhere are taking a deep breath that humans will not be all kill-y once their existence is confirmed.

Once again, via StopAllMonsters

Also, more coverage here at EfluxMedia

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  1. Lawrence Smith says:

    Tom Biscardi is a known fraud and hoaxer, and also a certified lunatic.

    For legitimate Bigfoot research, visit:

    Also, see Dr. Jeff Meldrum, of Idaho State University, on The Discovery Channel and elsewhere.

  2. BaxterJ says:

    Hear the bigfoot guys “respond” to questions at the press conference here:

  3. frodoTbaggins says:

    o noes not chewbacca!! lol, watch the DNA results come back matching the hunter’s DNA.

  4. Alan says:

    Chris, Star Wars:CW didn’t disappoint yet it didn’t hit my wamp rat if you know what I mean (it’s only 2 meters for chrissakes). It was a small but mighty gaggle of geeks in the theatre and when the light went down and the big horns/big yellow “Star Wars” logo came forth, the mightiest nerd in the audience turned on his light saber and raised it for all to see. Ah, freaks, how I love you all.

    Tropic Thunder looks really funny, seems like a must see if not only for Robert Downey Jr. as an African American.

    I’m off to Vegas for a) a B-day blow out and b) The New Media Expo.

  5. The Nerdist says:

    Alan, I hope the Star Wars doesn’t disappoint but I am worried about it…in other news, “Tropic Thunder” is phenomenal.

  6. Alan says:

    Chris- LOL! Oh yeah, that’s it. That phrase has always made me laugh. And it seemed so apropos for this story you posted.

    But enough chatter about tired old Bigfoot. It’s time to upgrade my nerdist street cred as I’m off to the early-nerd-special midnight Arclight showing of SW:CW.

  7. The Nerdist says:

    Alan: You mean when they say that phrase and the phone number flashes “555-2368”? I’m familiar with it.

  8. Alan says:

    chrisallen you win! The quote “We’re Ready to Believe You” is from Ghostbusters for, um, for… the win! Yeah!

  9. chrisallen says:


  10. Casi says:

    looks really fake…

  11. Alan says:

    “We’re ready to believe you.” Name the film- GO!

  12. chrisallen says:

    “Bigfoot IS blurry, that’s the problem” – mitch hedberg.

    Or something like that!

  13. Beaucifer says:

    Oh Please, People have been seeing “Big-Foot” for years. Until I see the Discovery channel special on his autopsy I’m terribly unimpressed. I mean where are all the other pictures that clearly show him laid out on the ground or at least clear pictures that can eliminate some doubt. Look at the picture, it looks like the monster suit from “Harry and the Henderson’s”. All this picture shows me is that the hunters nabbed John Lithgow. I hear that there is going to be a press conference at a hotel in Palo Alto? Why isn’t it at UC Berkeley or M.I.T. Why isn’t the CDC checking this thing for disease? Where are the specialists or anthropologist doing the follow up on where this thing was found? This thing was found in Georgia, No way does a creature this big, hairy and creepy go unnoticed for three centuries in Georgia… but then again it could be Billy Bob’s, he’s hairy and looks a little like bigfoot.


    Damn it, when are we going to have a real monster? And how the hell are we supposed to spot the real Bigfoot with such awesome costumes running around in the wild?!

    Seriously, click on that link and then check out the costume. At the very least, I expect to see photos of you wearing this for Halloween this year.

    (fingers crossed that this is a real Bigfoot still because I don’t have time to worry about zombies that can run right now.)

  15. genny says:

    that’s screwed up. I was watching the history channel and about a hour from where I live the have the ohio grassman, another version of bigfoot. i had never heard of it but I guess lots of people have claimed to see it. In the woods where they claim to have seen it they found a baboon skull.

  16. I’ve been twittering about running zombies all morning, but clearly my fear priorities need to be shifted.