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What it Looks Like When You Cause an Avalanche

What it Looks Like When You Cause an Avalanche

Snowboarder Sorin Radu probably strapped a GoPro to his helmet thinking that he would get totally sick footage of his snowboard cutting through the slopes of Romania’s Papusa Mountain. He did, but he caused an avalanche trying to do so.


In areas that get a lot of snow, like mountain peaks, snow accumulates under a number of different conditions. The result is a “snowpack” with layers of distinct properties. When the right “trigger” comes along, the differences in strength and density and composition can cause whole layers to slough off a mountain. If enough snow is brought along for the ride, an avalanche is roaring down some summit.

You can watching the entire clip, which lasts less than a minute but must have felt like a lifetime, below:

Radu was incredibly lucky. From the comments on the video (written by users with far more experience with snowboarding than I) it seems as though the avalanche was all Radu’s fault. Apparently, he was using his edges too much, taking the slope like it was fresh powder and not fragile slope snow.

At least it looks like he was OK after the snow finally stopped moving. Jeez.

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  1. P says:

    He shouldn’t have been on the slope. Got nothing to do with how it boards. Very to do with the stability of the snow pack and avalanche risk

  2. Nobody says:

    It was at this moment, Radu knew,
    He fucked up.

  3. DrISS says:

    when the avalanche started….he was like ohh shiit HAHA dop

  4. penn says:

    i wrote the iggy 

  5. lel says:

    I like how he stops and looks at it.
    For a brief second, you can just feel his dread.

  6. K says:

    You probably shouldn’t admit to getting info from Youtube comments.. you can definitely do some better research than that.

  7. Doobs says:

    “You can watching…” 

    Oh come on.