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Werner Herzog Questions the Nature of POKEMON GO

Werner Herzog Questions the Nature of POKEMON GO

The Pokémon Go phenomena is showing no signs of slowing down across the U.S. as it continues to spread across the world. Now the game itself has come to the attention of acclaimed filmmaker and documentarian Werner Herzog, whom you may also know from his oft-imitated accent and existential proclamations.

Via Gawker, Herzog was recently interviewed by The Verge when the subject of Pokémon Go came up. By his own admission, Herzog doesn’t own a mobile phone or really have a great grasp on what the game entails. But the questions he asked about it were illuminating and oddly funny.

[Herzog:] Does it tell you you’re here at San Vicente, close to Sunset Boulevard?

[The Verge:] Yeah, it’s basically like a Google map.

But what does pokémon do at this corner here?

You might be able to catch some. It’s all completely virtual. It’s very simple, but it’s also an overlay of physically based information that now exists on top of the real world.

When two persons in search of a pokémon clash at the corner of Sunset in San Vicente is there violence? Is there murder?

They do fight, virtually.

Physically, do they fight?


Do they bite each other’s hands? Do they punch each other?

The people or the…

Yes, there must be real people if it’s a real encounter with someone else.

Is it wrong that we now want a feature length Pokémon Go documentary directed and narrated by Herzog? Even if it weren’t a parody, it seems like an idea that is ripe with comedic potential. But the thing is, Herzog isn’t necessarily wrong about the game’s potential for violence, although that negative outcome doesn’t usually occur between two Pokémon Go players, most of whom seem to get along even with random strangers. Instead, any violence is coming from people preying upon gamers. For example, a new report in The Guardian relates the tale of teenage Pokémon Go players who were robbed of their phones at gunpoint in London. There have been similar reports in the U.S. as well. Now, if only we had Herzog to say something about humanity’s inherent nature.

What do you think about Herzog’s Pokémon Go comments? Nerdist readers, we choose you to share your thoughts below! And then you can get back into your cramped Pokéballs.

Image: The Pokémon Company

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