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We’re Making It Rain With DESTINY Beta Codes

Better clear out your gutters and grab an umbrella: the launch of the Destiny beta is coming towards us faster than a Sparrow racing down an inclined plane, and we’ve got more than a handful of early access codes with which to make it rain, courtesy of the good folks at Bungie and Activision.

Let me tell you something you don’t know about me, guys: I’ve been going through serious withdrawals since the Destiny alpha went offline last month. But the gloomy days of living a painful Destiny-less life will be coming to a brief halt soon, which means we can all join together in ceasing to do this:


Hey, no judgment coming from this guy, we all have our addictions. And now, it’s time to proceed to the glimmer (pun totally intended) of hope at the end of the Destiny-deprived tunnel: beta access for anyone who was unable to pre-order the game or obtain access before this current moment.

Getting your hands on a code is what many would describe as “easy mode”: just simply fill out the following form and leave a quemment with the phrase “Dat Beta Tho”.


Once you have received your code from us, follow the instructions provided on Bungie’s code redemption page and you’ll be all set to go when the beta launches a week from today. Keep in mind that only one code can be redeemed per platform, so select your primary choice of console to experience the beta because codes are limited.

We’ll be giving out codes daily here on the site, with the bulk of them being given away next week during our special “Days of Destiny” countdown.

For those who aren’t exactly sure what Destiny has in store for them, here’s your’s truly ranting and raving about the game last month at E3.

Our increasing hype levels around this game are well within reason– it was able to score “Best of Show” honors from us at E3 this year, after all. The beta starts for PlayStation owners on July 17, will go down for maintenance on July 21-22, and then reopen with Xbox owners gaining access on July 23.

Our “Days of Destiny” countdown event will begin on Monday, July 14, and we’ll be getting everyone up to speed on the massively amazing world of Destiny, alongside giving away ass-loads of beta access codes. Aspiring guardians are highly encouraged to stay tuned and join us in a week of out-of-this-world Destiny shenanigans.

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    Dat Beta Tho

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    Dat Beta Tho

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  5. Devin says:

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