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We’re Head Over Heels for These Awesome ADVENTURE TIME Tattoos

We’re Head Over Heels for These Awesome ADVENTURE TIME Tattoos

When it comes to fandom, there are fans, and then there are fans. You know the types? The ones that don’t just casually watch and enjoy. The ones that don costumes and accessories at cons and live and breathe the things they love – you know, US. Well, sometimes even those fans take things to the next level by making sure they’re never without the things they love in the form of a tattoo, and when it comes to Adventure Time,  there are few groups more passionate. So, knowing that, today we bring you a slew of Adventure Time inspired tattoos for you to Ooogle at. Check ‘em out:

Yup, that’s some solid artwork right there, especially that last one. “I’d like your flesh.” Perfection, really.

We love it when fans take their love to the ultimate level by wearing the characters they adore. It’s a mark of someone with almost too much love to give to something, so they must find a wordless way to say to the world, “I love this thing more than almost everything!” So, on that front, we celebrate these warriors of nerdom in all their glory.

In addition, we also just have to commend the artistry contained in the pictures themselves. There are so many ways to play around with Adventure Time imagery, and this is some of the best we’ve seen by far.

Which tat is your favorite? Would you ever consider getting one yourself? Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. The First one is pretty badass! I LOVE Adventure Time, i just don’t want a tattoo with a character.. or it would have to be something badass. I do though have a geometric type tattoo which i ended up putting a Rhombus in because of the line “Totally Rhombus” 🙂 had to put my lil adventure time reference in 😀 

  3. Ryan says:

    I may get one soon

  4. Danny hanmer says:

    I have 3 adventure time tattoos – and plan on at least 3 more 

  5. lexi jones says:

    I truly think that so.e f these are so extremely stupid but a lot of them I would get

  6. I am getting an LSP tat very soon!! Thats ny girl!! I love her so much!!

  7. Liz says:
    Here is my Adventure Time tattoo. I love it <3

  8. Whoopthereitis says:

    I have a cool AT Tatt. I wish I could show you guysss

  9. Stephanie says:

    I love adventure time, I would definitly get one of these <3