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Welcome to the Shadow ZoneWelcome to the Shadow Zone

Watch the First Episode of Onyx the Fortuitous’ WELCOME TO THE SHADOW ZONE

Tune in above to check out the first episode of Onyx the Fortuitous’ new show, Welcome to the Shadow Zone? What is Welcome to the Shadow Zone, you ask? Who is Onyx the Fortuitous, you wonder? Worry not—we’ll explain everything below… though truth be told, it might actually be best to go in completely confused. He thrives on that.

We here at Nerdist are quite fond of the strange. We have a soft spot for all things creepy. We’re enamored by folks that march to to the beat of their own unusual drums. So you can probably understand why we love Onyx the Fortuitous so much. Ever since he gained fame as that “Weird Satanist Guy” on that Detroit newscast, we’ve been fascinated by him and his particular (under)world view. Honestly, how many people out of the seven billion on the planet not only write poems about Freddy Krueger, but read them to Robert Englund’s face? There’s only one, and that’s why we’re giving him his own show.

That plus he asked us so many times we just kinda caved. He’s just so EXCITED!

Welcome to the Shadow Zone, whose first trailer you can watch up above, will explore the weird world of Onyx the Fortuitous. On the show, Onyx hopes to address many of the lies that he claims have been told about him ever since he became a viral sensation. When he’s not busy setting the truth straight, he will share his thoughts on horror movies, video games, his band Thrice Damned, and anything macabre that pops into that one-of-a-kind head of his. He’ll also be interviewing family members, some of his less understanding neighbors, and possibly a celebrity or two, depending on if they happen to find their way to the greater Detroit area.

Yes, Detroit, because even though we invited him to come shoot in our studio, he decided to keep it real and film out of his mom’s garage for a local public access channel. Think of Welcome to the Shadow Zone as a modern Wayne’s World, if Wayne was an energetic gamer with a deep love for horror and heavy metal.

Now some of you more astute readers might be saying, “That guy’s name isn’t Onyx. I know him.” We can’t get anything by you. His real name is Mark Trillbury, and we’re pretty sure he still works at Arby’s, but we promised him we wouldn’t use that name going forward, so just be cool about it.

Starting tonight, all episodes of Welcome to the Shadow Zone will be released every Friday at 9 pm PST on our brand new interactive community membership service, Alpha. If you haven’t heard about all of the great shows and special perks available to Alpha members yet, you can read about them here, and if you would like to request an invite to get early access all you have to do is go here and enter your email address. AND, because we love you, the first two episodes will also be available on YouTube, on Monday October 31st (because Onyx insisted, then demanded, then begged that the show start on Halloween), with the second episode airing the following Monday on November 7st.

What do you hope to hear or see from Onyx the Fortuitous on his new show on Alpha? Tell us your best ideas in the comments section below.

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