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Welcome to the Shadow ZoneWelcome to the Shadow Zone

WELCOME TO THE SHADOW ZONE Episode 6: A Shot (or Seven) in the Darkness

There are some doors even the darkest souls should never open, because behind them lie terrors too frightening for mere mortals to withstand. Unfortunately in the fifth episode of our Alpha series dedicated to all matters of the macabre, Welcome to the Shadow Zone, some devious demons with smiling visages found the key needed to gain passage into one particular chamber of nightmares.

They gave Onyx the Fortuitous shots. Lots of shots.

Feeding a mogwai after midnight causes less trouble than feeding Onyx hard liquor, but that’s what happens when a truce isn’t offered with good intentions. But in this episode he also had time between drinks and carousing to meet with spiritual counselor for a look inward at his own twisted (and sad) insides and share an edition of “Undercover Bause” that went to a very dark place. For him of course.

I’m…I’m worried for him. More than usual, that is.

But at least it was another great episode of Welcome to the Shadow Zone, one of the many fantastic shows we host at our interactive online Alpha community. We’re releasing an episode every Monday throughout October here at Nerdist to celebrate our favorite holiday, Halloween, a.k.a. Nerdoween.

That’s why you can see the first three episodes, along with the fourth and fifth installments here. But if you can’t wait another week to see what happens next to Onyx, and want to see the rest of season one right away, join Alpha now. Your first 30 days are free, and you’ll be the first to see season two when it premieres.

For such a great offer, all we ask is that you please don’t give Onyx any shots. Nothing good ever comes from that.

What do you think will happen to Onyx next week? What was up with those animal masks? Tell us your most terrifying predictions in the comments below.

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