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Weekend Soundtrack: For MCA

I’m not going to be able to add anything more than everyone else said about the passing of Adam Yauch, MCA of the Beastie Boys, or, at least, I can say nothing that would be a lot different from “they were great,” “he’ll be missed,” or “I was a fan from the very beginning,” all of which are true.  So we’ll go into the weekend with this, which was the first song to pop into my brain today when I heard the news.

Oh, and cancer?  It sucks.  You already know that, but… man, it really just sucks.

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  1. I cannot add any more other than saying that Sabotage is my favorite Rock Band for iPhone song. This is truly sad. 🙁

  2. Patty Marvel says:

    P.S. BEST POSSIBLE SONG to use in the chase scene from the “Star Trek” movie reboot! I could kiss J. J. Abrams for that!

  3. Bo Dixen Pedersen says:

    My first memory with Beastie Boys was the intense rivalry I had with my friends in school. I loved Run DMC and it was them ALL THE WAY. Those beastie boys could stuff it. Raisin’ Hell and Tougher Than Leather was it for me and Licensed to Ill didn’t do that much for me and still doesn’t.

    Later I transitioned into the late 80s early 90s golden age of hip hop imho – native tounges, gangstarr, dr. dre et al and further into a diverse taste of music and then i rediscovered Beasties from Paul’s Boutique forward. Licensed still doesn’t do that much for me, but all the later albums much more timeless.

    I was lucky to experience them live also at Roskilde – there’s nothing like Sabotage live – being a Dane it wasn’t easy to catch them live.

    Cancer is a devil – we all know someone affected by the various forms, some fortunately survive, while others are not so lucky. MCA seems a life so cut short, but we must also not forget what many great things he did accomplish in his life – those will live on and be an inspiration for future generations.

  4. Advanced Man says:

    As years go by, the more creative people that I look up to are dying. Paul’s Boutique is one of the greatest albums in the world to me. It’s a symbol of fun and funky creative weirdness that I can’t get enough of. I’d say celebrate his life and honor him by getting together and getting down with all of the great music he’s been a part of.

  5. Scott Lutz says:

    If for no other reason than the bass riff from Sabotage, he will be sorely missed. The really sad thing is everything else he did. A class act all the way. A senseless death.

  6. waterfloor says:

    i know there have been a lot of celebrity deaths this year– this one is just unbearable. i feel shell shocked. when i used to go out late, and come home on the D mad late (early morning) there was nothing i liked more than to blast “no sleep til” on the head phones to keep me awake and alert for my ride home on the subway. goddamnit. RIP, MCA. Beasties forever.

  7. Patty Marvel says:

    For what it’s worth, someone suggested on my radio station’s e-mail list that we all step up and play at least one Beastie Boys song this weekend and it looks like folks are going along with this. I’ve NO idea what the jazz guy on before me will do, but I plan to end my long-planed R.E.M. special with something by BB.

  8. mariel says:

    A band that has gone through so many mediums.
    vinyl, cassette, compact discs, and digital downloads. Why cancer? Why? you stupid piece of shit. arghhH!

  9. dmb says:

    The exact same song to come into my head as well. Big C certainly sucks.

  10. Rob says:

    beastie boys – i don’t know

    great acoustic guitar song off hello nasty featuring mca singing