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Web Soup: I’d F**k Me


I love G4. This is the ad that they’ve posted to promote Web Soup and International The Sexy Ladies Show, which both premiere this Sunday. I’m weirdly turned on by it. Is that okay?

Images: G4

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  1. ;-) says:

    Well, actually you would f*ck me…haha

  2. ;-) says:

    I would totally f*ck you too! 😉

  3. why did you use my email?

  4. antonia says:

    ha, my boyfriends email shows his pic

  5. antonia says:

    i’d F**k you to.

  6. Wes says:


  7. Charles says:

    How / when can we get it in Canada? Or should I say see it, because once we see it, we’ll get it.

  8. scowl says:

    was there for the taping of the third episode of WEB SOUP, great fun to be in the audience. funny videos, great takes and entertainment in the down time. Chris’ mom is funny or at least has a good sence of humor.

    i want to go to another taping.

  9. WhatPie says:

    Are the websoup podcasts up and running?

    do you have podcasts?

    I would love to have a little websoup on my lunchbreak via iphone.

  10. laylaness says:

    Is that really what nerdboys deem “sexy”? ‘Cause if so, 1. I’m in trouble, and 2. I just threw up a little.

  11. thisisjohnny says:

    last week’s show wasn’t bad, but i expect more from you, hardwick.

    i think you’re funnier when discussing things on AOTS. your delivery seemed more “soup”-like and not the kind of “hardwick”-esque humor/delivery that we see on your various AOTS appearances. i’ll be watching again this week and hope to be lol’ing on the floor.

  12. Nicofopolous says:

    You know, you never struck me as the lace panties type, but I’m not judging.

  13. Melby says:

    hahaha, that is quite the ad they have going on. *makes mental note to try and catch the next ep* =)

  14. Steve says:

    Pull up a thumb and sit down….

  15. gene says:

    You’d f*ck you. But could you love you?

  16. Brooke says:

    Hell, I just enjoy watching Chris without having to endure Kevin and Olivia.
    As for the add, I’d like to think Chris’s legs are more shapely 😉

  17. Deltus says:

    BTW, just watched Web Soup with my wife (who, unlike me, doesn’t have a broad sense of humor), and Chris, the show is awesome! My wife even laughed, which surprised me. Your comedy was hilarious (ribs: I meant a position in accounting… right after I fuck them!), and the videos were well chosen. Some of the segment names needs tweaking, and I think you know which ones.

    Overall, though, and the main point of this: well done, sir!

  18. Steve says:

    I can safely say the ad is not gay because although I have a bit of a crush on you, I found this image disturbing. Does it help to know that the johns of she-male prostitutes are straight guys? Prolly not.

  19. jess says:

    i like the weird juxtaposition of you with your thumbs up and panties pulled down.

  20. RadNerd says:

    love the show! you and joel should do more things in the future, i see the next flight of the concords in the making.

  21. NeuroMan42 says:

    Fraking Sweet… uh… how about some hair pulling, and cheek slapping?

  22. LisaG says:

    Ouch! Aren’t those open-toed pumps murder on your broken toe??

  23. Daveus says:

    This post made my day, I love the face your making on the top is priceless.

  24. M_pony says:

    Nice legs.. shame about the face!!
    Nice legs!! shame about the face!!

  25. Palingram says:

    im confused its like sexy but gay at the same time.

  26. Deltus says:

    I have a lot of mixed emotions now, Chris. I… can’t even look at you…

    You should wear skirts more often though… OH GOD, WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!?!!!

    *fetal position, sucks thumb, repeats “Tell me ’bout the rabbits” over and over*

  27. michele says:

    Just think how much taller you’d be if you had those legs! Let’s just hope your middle parts were not cut off in this jigsaw ad.

  28. Well if you’re turned on by yourself then your in luck whenever you are alone. Seems like a Nerd’s dream come true. However if you are turned on by the girls in the bottom ad then you’re just a red blooded American male like the rest of us.

    I saw the show that was on during the week and it was funny as hell. Great new show. It’s like “The Soup” which is a fucking ridiculously good show so you’re in good company. Keep up the good work and we’ll keep watching.

    Good luck man.


  29. Rudy says:

    Hmm…sexy in a strange way. At least it wasn’t a horizontal ad?

  30. Horacio says:

    Jowey, true but web soup comes from “the soup”

  31. Jowey says:

    Horacio, I’m all about Web Soup, it will be great, but considering Tosh.0 premiered BEFORE Web Soup, is it really fair to call it a ripoff?

    Let it be noted I did not watch it when it premiered at 9pmCT this evening, I’m just saying let’s not start a war. There might be some rabbid “Tosh” fanboys in the audience, assuming such a thing even exists. 😉

  32. I’m not sure how you’d fuck you, since you apparently have no pelvis. But good luck!

  33. Horacio says:

    Sorry, but I’m not into she-males hahaha jk

    Btw, have you seen the promos for that web soup ripoff “Tosh.o”?

  34. Ivy says:

    Definitely ok. I’d f^ck you too.